• BBC Radio One
  • 1970-12-05
  • The first hour of a Saturday afternoon Top Gear
  • Peel says that "On Monday and Tuesday I had to sit down and listen to 72 LPs - it was gruesome...". He expresses his scepticism regarding what had become known as "progressive rock", saying that successful "progressive" bands "don't progress at all" and follow a simple formula. 
  • His remarks reflect a general mood at the end of the 1960s, when musicians and listeners weary of "heavy" rock began to look to earlier, simpler forms of music for inspiration - 1950s rock'n'roll, blues, country, folk. All of these genres would be featured in Peel's shows in the first half of the 1970s. An early-70s reaction against the dominance of "progressive" rock is evident here in the easy-going, US-inspired country-rock of Cochise and session guests Brinsley Schwarz.
  • Many thanks to Ken Garner for additional tracklisting information.


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  • Cochise: Love's Made A Fool Of You (single) Liberty LBF 15425 (JP; "I think Buddy (Holly) would've been quite proud of that")
  • Carol Grimes & Delivery: We Were Satisfied (LP: Fool's Meeting) Charisma CAS 1023 (B&C?) (*JP: "I wonder what's happening up at Anfield?...") [*Liverpool 0-0 Leeds Utd. FL Div. 1. Final Score: 1-1. Paul Madeley scored first for Leeds and John Toshack equalised for Liverpool after 52 minutes. Att. 51,357!]
  • Brinsley Schwarz: Seymour I Love You/Funk Angel (session)
  • Keef Hartley Band: Roundabout (Part 1) (single) Deram DM 316
  • Family: Holding the Compass (session)
  • Frank Zappa: Transylvanian Boogie (LP: Chunga's Revenge) Bizarre/Reprise RSLP 2030
  • 3.30 News (main story; unions strike against the Industrial Relations Act)
  • Van Morrison: Domino (single) Warner Bros. WB 7034
  • Mr. Fox: Mr. Trill's Song (session)
  • The Reverend Ether, the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory: 1862 B.P. (single) Et-Cet'er-a 45-201 (US release) (Obscure, possibly unreleased import which, Peel tells us, he hunted down after it was "reviewed ecstatically in Rolling Stone")
  • Family: Good News - Bad News (session)
  • Bridget St. John: If You've Got Money (single) Warner Bros WB 8019
  • Mr. Fox: The Gay Goshawk (session)

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