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  • 1992-12-05
  • John talks about football (just for a change). Liverpool are 14 points behind with a game in hand after a considerable 5-0 win over Crystal Palace on 28 November, but he feels sorry for Coventry City, who that night were held to a 2-2 draw by Ipswich Town (information on matches retrieved from here).
  • He complains that when bands move to major labels, the flood of promotional issues seems to stop, thus there is a time delay between release and radio play. Two cases in point are the Senseless Things single and the new Sundays LP.
  • Only around 7 minutes are now missing from the show, between the end of File a and the start of File 5, and the track listing is probably comnplete



(AK: 'It's eleven o'clock. Here's John the Revelator.')
(JP: 'I was going to go out and buy some new reggae records today, but I fell asleep on the office floor instead. The romantic life I live in showbiz! So that was loaned to me by Andy Kershaw.')
(JP: 'I got a letter actually from one of the members of the band to say that they are hoping to come to Europe at the beginning of next year and to ask if I would be interested in doing a session with them which I certainly would and I’ll let them know. (It came to pass in July 93.) … Before that of course it was the Senseless Things and their current record Homophobic Asshole, and my only reason for not having played that on the radio previously was because I only got a copy of it myself about a week ago. This often happens actually when bands get on to kinda major labels that you no longer get promotional copies of their records which is fair enough – if they don’t want to send them that’s up to them – entirely so. But for those people who have written, for example, to ask why it is that I've not played anything from the recent Sundays LP – it's because I haven’t got a copy of it.')
(JP: 'You don’t get an awful lot of that in the Premier League, do you? That’s another bit from the CD Bend it 92.')
  • File c breaks off at 40:54
  • File d starts
  • Aphex Twin: T Q T (session)
  • Wedding Present: Nobody's Twisting Your Arm (" 7") Reception REC 009
  • Goldentones: Green Avalanche () Ikon
  • John Coltrane: Alabama (Soundtrack CD-Malcolm X (Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack))' (Qwest)
  • Deja Vu: Never Knew The Devil (12") Cowboy RODEO 14
  • Well this is a record I played a few weeks ago, about which I've had a certain amount of mail, as you can imagine...
  • DQE: Masturbation Made A Mess Out Of Me (7") Feel Good All Over
  • File 1 starts
  • Kitchens Of Distinction: 'When In Heaven' (Peel Session)
  • Otis M'Buta & Matchatcha: 'Le Monde Est Fou (The World Is Mad) (LP-Le Monde Est Fou)' (Afric' Music)
  • news announced as the 11:30 news but going by the timings below must be the 01:00 news. (edited out on file d)
  • File 5 ends
  • Cows: 'Plowed (7")' (Amphetamine Reptile)
  • File d ends
  • File c resumes at 40:55
  • Aphex Twin: 'Quintute' (Peel Session) 3
  • Lung: 'Mother (Makes Me Feel Like A Man) (7"-Psychopornodelia)' (Scratch) 2' 3'
(JP: 'Loads of records at the moment seem to be starting with kind of effects and noises and bits of dislocated speech, and so on. I quite like that. Here's another one.')
(JP: 'Well, opinion here in the 1FM Studio is pretty sharply divided, but it seems as though I might have possibly played a popular track. I'll make sure it doesn't happen again.')
(JP: 'I've noticed that it's nearly half past one: we're this far into the programme, and still we've not had a Robert Palmer song, so let's set that to rights now.')
(JP: 'The machine cuts it off again – I love the way it does that – oh my goodness technology where would we be without it. Ciccone Youth – they sound like a cute bunch don't they [no indication that he knows they are Sonic Youth], and that's Robert Palmer's Addicted To Love, done up in the only way you could sensibly do it.')


  • a) 1992-12-05 Peel Show L235b.mp3
  • c) Peel Show 1992-12-05 (incomplete).mp3
  • d) L224a.mp3
  • 1) Peel Show 1992-12-05 (incomplete)
  • e) 1992-12-05 Peel Show L247b.mp3
  • 2) John Peel tape no.42
  • 3) John Peel no.42 side a.mp3
  • 4) John Peel no.42 side b.mp3
  • 5) best of peel vol 55 part 1 (with introductions)
  • 6) 1992-12-05 Peel Show LE642
  • a) 00:08:30
  • c) 01:20:38 (first segment to 40:54, then continues later in the show)
  • d) 00:36:04
  • 1) 00:31:03
  • e) 00:15:41
  • 2) 47:25 (5:34-27:22)
  • 3) 46:30 (5:33 on)
  • 4) 44:10
  • 5) 47:01 (34:44-45:08)
  • 6) 1:32:22 (to 30:06, 1:30:23 on additional)