• 1979-02-05
  • Files a and b were both rebroadcast on BBC Radio 6 Music
  • Peel had missed presenting the programme the previous Thursday (01 February 1979), due to being stranded at home by flooding. Mopping up afterward had scuppered his plan to see Liverpool v West Brom at Anfield on Saturday.
  • John says he had gone to see Jess Conrad on Saturday night.
  • Peel comments on the recent death of Sid Vicious: "I think it would be unseemly to let the programme pass without mentioning the death at the end of last week of Sid Vicious. Personally I'm dreading reading those rock writers who over the past six or nine months or so have presented the affairs of Sid Vicious as being either romantic or even amusing, which some of them have done. I've personally found them profoundly depressing and I would imagine that most of you will have done as well. And the exploitation of the situation has been thoroughly sinister."
  • Among the highlights, Peel admits not liking the new Generation X album and not knowing how to pronounce the name of Feargal Sharkey, although he will be appearing with the Undertones singer on Radio One’s Roundtable later that week.[1].
  • Other 70s Peel clips played by Riley came from the programmes of 10 December 1979 and 12 June 1978.
  • File c was subsequently found in the Derby Box. This contains the first 70 and last 25 minutes of the show.
  • Only 12 minutes remain missing from this show, from either side of the Michael Chapman track.




  • File a: 1979-02-05 (clip)
  • File b:
  • c: 1979-02-05 John Peel Radio 1 (incomplete) DB053+DB054.mp3
  • File a: 00:12:53
  • File b: 00:59:11
  • c) 1:35:13
  • a) Bundled with other two Peel clips from same Riley show.
  • c) Created from DB053 & DB054 of the Derby Box, digitised by RF
  1. Actually the week after.
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