• 1979-06-05
  • Start of show: "Well, good evening to you. If you were listening to last night's programme, you may have thought at the time that it sounded, mmm, just a little bit pre-recorded. A pearl without price of course, but pre-recorded, and you'd have been right because I was in Holland compering the Pink Pop Festival for the second year running. Last year was a disaster for me: this year was rather more enjoyable, tiresome details of that later in the programme. We have a session tonight from Magazine, among the records, three from the Ramones, three from Devo, and three from the Lurkers, and this programme is dedicated to the Dutch schoolgirls who kept me amused on the ferry on the way home."
  • Peel reviews recent the rather dodgy Pink Pop Festival in Holland, which he compered. He says that he enjoyed the set from Elvis Costello And The Attractions but the best act for him were the Police, whose set he describes as "extraordinarily good".
  • Peel hunted for records of local bands whilst passing through Belgium and the Netherlands, but was mostly disappointed with what he found: "It seems that most of the bands that are popular in both countries tend to be like local versions of the Wurzels, except rather ruder."
  • John had bumped into Pete Townshend outside Broadcasting House on his return to London. Townshend and John Entwistle had been guests on Kid Jensen's show earlier in the evening.



File a starts with 30 seconds of the first track to go

Review of the Pink Pop Festival.
(JP: "I'd like to help you out, mate, but you can't get the petrol, you know.")
(JP: "I always thought that was the Who's best song, you know.")
(tape flip, resumes during next song)


  • a) John Peel Show - 19790605 - Magazine.mp3
  • b) 1979-06-05 John Peel Radio 1 DB084+DB085
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