• 1992-06-05
  • A cheerful JP plays quite a few records by American bands, including one by 'the one-after-next big thing'.
  • He relates how, during a clearout, he found some interesting items he didn't know he had, including the Undertones' first session, which he paid for them to record (and hopes to rebroadcast), plus a tape of a "legendary" 1968 Captain Beefheart concert from Frank Freeman's Dance Club in Kidderminster.
  • On Sunday morning (7th June), Peel says he will be flying to the Isle of Man for the TT Races.
  • Thanks to Peel Mailing List user Dr. Mango for the correct spelling of one session artist. The Peel Sessions substitutes the 'r' for an 'l': Ken Garner attributes this to an insistent reader of his earlier book, In Session Tonight.



Part One begins during first track

Part Two

  • (curious piece of music, with a chorus singing 'John Peel's got nice legs', set to the tune of Elgar's 'Pomp And Circumstance' March No. 1. JP claims to have found it during the clearout referred to above and can offer 'no explanation whatsoever' for it. According to Ken Garner (Peel Sessions, p.77) the jingle was the work of Bill Aitken, along with the "Friday Night Is Boogie Night" one for the Sounds Of The Seventies Friday show.)
  • G.L. Crockett: 'It's A Man Down There (7 inch)' (4 Brothers)
  • Big Stick: 'A Threat (the Drag Racing Underground Theme) (album - Drag Racing Underground)' Albertine ALB 5
  • Suncharms: 'Spaceship' (Peel Session)
  • Cool Sticky: 'Train To Soulsville (CD-Explosive Rock Steady)' (Heartbeat)
  • (JP: 'There are times, you know, when I feel as though I ought to be wearing protective clothing to do these programmes for you.')
  • Orb: 'Oobe' (Peel Session)
  • Orb: 'No Fun' (Peel Session)
  • (JP: 'Punk rock, eh? You never really know where you are, do you?')
  • File b ends
  • File c begins
  • Farm: 'Rising Sun (12 inch)' (End Product)
  • Perspex Whiteout: 'Dark Inside Your Heart (CD single - Perspex Whiteout EP)' (Imaginary)
  • Destroy N'Candu: (title unknown)

Part Three

Part Four


  • Peel Show 1992-06-05 Parts 1-4
  • a) 1992-06-05 Peel Show L197a
  • b) 1992-06-05 Peel Show L197b
  • c) 1992-06-05 Peel Show L175
  • d) 1992-06-05 Peel Show L177
  • e) 1992-06-05 Peel Show L269
  • Part 1 - 00:46:20
  • Part 2 - 00:46:21
  • Part 3 - 00:44:56
  • Part 4 - 00:41:13
  • File a - 26:32
  • File b - 47:50
  • File c - 39:57
  • File d - 46:08
  • File e - 11:28
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