• 1993-03-05
  • John is so excited by the Fall session being broadcast next Saturday 13 March 1993, that (unusually) he’s already listened to it. He describes the tracks as ‘all quite wonderful’.
  • The Phantom Fifty reaches number 34.
  • He attended the Ipswich Town v. Middlesborough match at Portman Road on Tuesday 02 March, which he described as the worst match he had seen since Huddersfield v. Crystal Palace ten or twelve years previously. (The Tractor Boys lost 1-0.)
  • John is frustrated that he cannot play any tracks from the new PJ Harvey LP and that he was not able to either see them or organise a session with Hail when they were in the country. The band subsequently went on an extended hiatus, so it never happened.



File a begins

(JP: 'That Sting do sounds like fun, doesn't it?')

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  • Fall: ‘Kimble (7")' (Strange Fruit)
(JP: 'I wish they’d invite me back on Desert Island Discs. I’d have both versions of that [Kimble] on there I think. That was the Fall of course on Strange Fruit. Possibly the best record ever made in the whole history of the world.')

File a ends
File b begins

(JP: 'I don’t normally do this but on this occasion I cheated and listened to the Fall session prior to its being broadcast – it's very undisciplined of me to do that but I was so excited that I couldn’t resist the temptation- the tracks and they are all quite wonderful– Ladybird, Strychnine (which is a cover version although I can’t remember who did the original but I’ll have discovered that by next weekend), Servile [1], and then a classic Fall title anyway, Paranoia Man In Cheap Shot Room. So four tracks for the Fall that will be broadcast next Saturday night. The sixteenth for the programme, so Ken Garner tells me, and the 20th for Radio 1 – Whoopee!')
(JP: 'That, you will be astonished to learn, was the Kimble Family, whose name is the only reason they are included in the programme.”

1991 Festive Fifty

(JP: Velocity Girl, saw them recently in the Rough Trade shop in Covent Garden.’)

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File e ends: end of show

Tracks marked § are not yet available.

Thanks to Tim for the handwritten playlist.


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  1. Listed as Service in Ken’s book.
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