• 2002-03-05
  • Peel's appearance on the TV show Room 101 had been broadcast the previous evening.
  • Peel had been in London the previous day with Sheila for a memorial event for John Walters. He tells an amusing anecdote about Walters' response to Peel's warning about an incident involving rude language in the show.
  • This is Peel's last week of shows before his holiday to New Zealand and India.



JP: "Here's a band we don't hear on the radio nearly enough."
JP: "I'm sorry if I sounded a bit filleted in that first introduction in tonight's programme, because I was by mistake using Dave Pearce's voice settings here in the studio. [It] did sound very odd indeed. Normally I use Trevor Nelson's, actually. I don't seem to have one of my own to be perfectly honest, but Trevor Nelson's suits be fine and I hope that you like it too. I think it makes me kissable, I don't know if you'd want to take a vote on it, but that's my feeling anyway."
JP: "You never really know with records like that whether they were recorded by a bunch of geezers in Duluth, Minnesota in 1972, or some smart alecs in Helsinki last November."
JP: "I was about halfway into London this evening when I realised that once again I'd failed to record any Pig's Big 78s... So instead of that, this:"
JP: "This is Neutral, from an LP on Hymen Records - a strangely attractive name for a record company, I used to have one in a matchbox."
JP: "I got a concerned phonecall from our William actually, while that record was playing, to say that his girlfriend was very disturbed indeed at the thought that I might actually have a hymen in a matchbox. I had to assure her that it was a rather tasteless joke."
Chat with Mary Anne Hobbs.


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