• 1981-05-05
  • a) From John Peel - Altered Images 81 mixtape from Mark, and an especially valuable one as it proves Peel did play Duran Duran at some point. Mark comments: "Always relished the fact that Peel 'discovered' the Durans – so often he played bands that were later to break into the mainstream – this was special, although there is a touch of rancour in his voice in a link after The Original Mirrors (an Ian Broudie band) when he infers that Adam and the Ants thanked Peter Powell for 'discovering them'."
  • b) Hinton Box file contains only one session track and a link.


  • Blank Students, one and only session (rpt). Recorded 1981-04-13. No known commercial release.


File a begins

File b begins

(JP: 'What a corker that is! And they're dandy live as well.')

File b ends

(JP: 'I think you have to be a pretty cocky bunch of chaps to have a go at a Bowie track these days so a gasp of admiration for The Durans and their cover of Fame.')
(JP: 'Always had a genuine interest in fashion but never been to participate much as not really had the figure for it but if the era of the pear shaped man ever comes about I’ll be ready for it.')

File a ends


  • a) John Peel - Altered Images etc 81
  • b) BH014 JP 1981-05-05 Side B
  • a) 01:34:17 (from 00:10:18 or 00:13:54 to 00:46:47)
  • b) 00:03:14
  • a) Shared via Peel Mailing List. Many thanks to Mark not only for the file, but also the comments and detailed tracklisting.
  • b) Many thanks to Brian and Colin.
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