• 1997-05-05
  • (Ken) The special, pre-recorded Bank Holiday show from May 1997 featuring Blur visiting and playing live at Peel Acres. Not a normal show, then, but with some amusement and the second half - once Blur have gone - has some good records in it. Once again the mad Bridget the dog makes a starring appearance.
  • Note: this is of course a live, not live-live-live performance, as it comprises 2 levels of pre-recording. Peel's links and the live performance at the house on 22nd April; then the evident editing of it all together, including the rest of the show, seemingly live but not, at a subsequent date; before the transmission on a third occasion, 5th May. As such, it lacks that live presentation feel of the best Peel shows, but then plenty of normal shows were often pre-recorded anyway.


  • JP (before 'M.O.R'): "You're listening to Blur, recorded by Radio One at my house. They're great, I'm fat."


Tracks marked † were released across the formats as b-sides to the single 'On Your Own' in 1997.


File a begins
(JP: "A few days ago, Blur came to our house, played football, had a look around the house, drank tea, played some tunes, had some food, then went home. It was an astonishing day. Let 'me tell you all about it.")
File 1 begins with different intro, indicating that this hour was rebroadcast, from Glastonbury by the sounds of it.
  • Blur: Bank Holiday (LP - Parklife) Food
(JP: "It's April 22nd... today on our calendar is Blur day... it's 8:30 in the morning... I've come out to walk the dogs... and already vans have started arriving...")
(JP update. Bridget the dog barks.)
(JP: "It's now about 10 o'clock... Still no sign of the band... The Radio One live music team have arrived, nursing hangovers, which is their natural state.")
  • Charlatans: With No Shoes (LP - Tellin' Stories) Beggars Banquet
(Peel interviews two of daughter Flossie's friends.)
  • Supergrass: Richard III (LP - In It For The Money) Parlophone
(Peel talks to Ben, a friend of son Thomas.)
  • Shed Seven: Getting Better (LP - A Maximum High) Polydor
(More Peel talk.)
(Peel commentary update. Blur arrive.)
  • Gene: Where Are They Now? (single)
  • Comsat Angels: Sleep No More (LP - Sleep No More)
(Peel and Blur discuss his home studio and items from his record collection.)
  • Silver Apples: Fractal Flow ( 7" Fractal Flow/Lovefingers) Enraptured
  • Fall: Behind the Counter (LP - Middle Class Revolt) Permanent
(Peel, Blur and Steve Lamacq talk about demo tapes. John shows off his 1931 copy of Melody Maker.)
  • Kenickie: Nightlife (LP - At The Club) EMI
(Peel talks as the band warm up in the background.)
  • Blur live at Peel Acres
  1. Country Sad Ballad Man
  2. Chinese Bombs †
  3. Movin' On †
  4. M.O.R. †
  5. On Your Own †
  6. Popscene †
  7. Song 2 †

File 1 ends

File a ends and File b  begins

(JP chats with Blur.)
  • Wire: I Am The Fly (single) Harvest
(JP relates story of Melanie singing at the end of his bed when he had jaundice. Flossie then plays a Melanie LP at the wrong speed. JP: "It's in the genes.")


  • a) Blur at Peel Acres 1997-05-05 pt1.mp3
  • b) Blur at Peel Acres 1997-05-05 pt2.mp3
  • 1) 1997-05-05 Peel Show S017.mp3
  • a) 00:58:53
  • b) 00:55:26
  • 1) 00:59:20
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