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  • 1988-10-05
  • Start of show: "A bonny start for bubbling brunette John Walters. I particularly liked the rapping with Overlord X and indeed the rapping by Overlord X. Our sessions come, as Walters said, from the Funky Ginger and My Bloody Valentine. And if you heard him you'll know he played a new tune from the Fall and said that I'd play another one. This is it."
  • Two played from the Public Enemy LP 'It Takes A Nation Of Millions' and three from new Strange Fruit releases.
  • Peel looks forward to a West country trip over the weekend for a couple of gigs. After the show on this evening, he is heading out to see the Pixies.



(JP: "Actually, they come from Yeovil, as I say, and I shall be heading out that way and indeed beyond on Saturday to Totnes, where I am doing a gig with the Royal Assassins and Clear & The Cloud, the Bernhards, Shanks, and the Icebergs. All this starts fairly early in the day, I think, but my contribution at about 8 o'clock in the evening. So that's in Totnes on Saturday - a wide range of entertainments.")
(JP: "And after Bob, Bob, Bob And Bob - there's a kind of logic to this - the Four Brothers.")
(JP: "John Peel Roadshow goes to Portsmouth Polytechnic, I think, on Friday night, and I will be taking the record of that with me and hoping there will be lots of dancing. That's what I want to see.")
(JP: "In case you're wondering why John Peel Roadshow is out and about so much this weekend, Totnes and Portsmouth, this record goes some way to explaining that.")
(Trailer for upcoming Andy Kershaw Sounds of Zimbabwe programme)
(JP: "I'm off to see the Pixies, who start in about 25 seconds apparently.")
(10.30 News)
(Nicky Campbell: Beginning of programme)

My Bloody Valentine Session File:

  1. Lose My Breath
  2. When You Wake (You're Still In A Dream)
  3. I Can See It (But I Can't Feel It)
  4. Feed Me With Your Kiss

Tracks marked # on File 2


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  • 2) [1988-1213] John Peel Selection ~ BBC Radio 1 ~ Aug/Sept 1988
  • 1) 2:03:16
  • 2) 37:13 (from 23:43)
  • 1) mooo. Four tracks with Peel intro/outro - file no longer available
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