• 1999-10-05
  • Three partial recordings of the show are available. The second is almost complete (missing the first six minutes). File c fills in the first track, so only the show introduction is now missing.
  • A pre-recorded show featuring Blur recorded live at Peel Acres. In the interview, after their performance, John allows the band to chose some of the records played.
  • Tracklisting completed with help from Lorcan’s Playlist Archive with thanks.


  • Blur live from Peel Acres. Recorded 17 September 1999.


  • (file c cuts in)
  • Blur: live from Peel Acres:
    1. John Peel Birthday Skank
  • (file b cuts in towards the end the above)
  • (file c cuts out)
  • (file a cuts in just after the start of the following)
  • Straitjackets: ‘Rockula (CD – The Velvet Touch Of Los Straightjackets )’ Yep Roc
  • (JP: 'I can't believe I used the word "jollification" in my opening link, and I apologise to you and all of your friends and family.')
  • Luke Slater: ‘Sheer Five Five (CD – Wireless )' NovaMute
  • Jeep: ‘Old Rope (10 inch – The Curse EP )’ Rex
  • (JP: ‘Now at this stage of the programme we should be introducing the Peelenium for 1957. Unfortunately The Voice is in the kitchen on the ‘phone’ Not sure how we're going to get around this: perhaps we'll just have to edit it in later on.') (Apparently this is what happened)

Peelenium 1957

  1. Buddy Holly & The Crickets: ‘An Empty Cup (And A Broken Date)’ [1]
  2. Coasters: ‘Searchin’
  3. Modern Jazz Quartet: ‘Golden Striker’
  4. Jerry Lee Lewis: ‘It All Depends On Who Will Buy The Wine’


  • a) Peel Show 19990-10-05
  • b) jp051099.mp3
  • c) JPBS.mp3
  • a) 01:32:57
  • b) 01:54:20
  • c) 00:06:51
  • a) Many thanks to the taper.
  • b) Many thanks to max-dat.
  1. Co-written by Roy Orbison.
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