• 1992-09-05
  • The first half of a three hour show from 500 Box with the rest of the show now filling up from SL Tapes. The first track or two of the show appear to be missing.
  • Start of show: 'I was going to suggest that it might have been an unhappy accident, the title of that last track, Andy. Thanks very much.'
  • John recalls the previous night's show 04 September 1992, and regrets his volubility. Although he said plenty about the Reading Festival, apparently none of it came from his prepared notes.
  • The oft-mentioned Little Richard Cover Search is still going on.


  • Papa Wemba, #1. Recorded 1992-08-19. No known commercial release. This was a joint session with Andy Kershaw: four tracks had already been broadcast by him the same night. 'Maria Valencia' and 'Ombela' not included on this recording.
  • Pavement, #1 (repeat). Recorded 1992-06-23. Available on Slanted And Enchanted: Luxe And Reduxe (Matador). 'Here' and 'Circa 1762' not included on this recording.


File 1 begins during next track

  • Putters: 'Muscle Car (7 inch)' (eMpTy)
  • Pavement: 'Secret Knowledge Of Backroads' (Peel Session)
  • File b begins
  • (The first by Papa Wemba leads to a classic wrong speed moment, possibly unique for a session track, as it starts very slowly and then comically speeds up.)
(JP: 'I think they're getting a little overheated there. Sorry about that, I'm not quite sure what happened there. We'll have another go at it. I don't think that was intentional. Perhaps he's moving into the avant-garde, who can possibly say, but that's a little too avant for this for the time being.')
(JP: 'We'll have another go at Papa Wemba, and no funny business this time, or you're off the show.')
(JP: 'You're listening to the programme that's not afraid to say boo to a goose....You may recall me playing that on acetate, I suppose about six or eight weeks ago now, so far ahead of the game are we.')
  • Zubbizeretta: 'Don't You Do It (12 inch-The Don't You Do It EP)' (Bass Sphere)
  • (The record goes haywire at the very end, prompting John to say, 'I shall play another record and see what goes wrong with this one', prompting laughter from Kershaw.)
  • Kill Sybil: 'Lucy (EP-Fairlane)' (eMpTy)
  • (11.30 p.m. news)
  • Babes In Toyland: 'Sometimes (Compilation CD-Volume Four)' (Volume) [2]
  • Cobra: 'Hearse (7 inch)'
  • Flophouse: 'Right Now (7 inch)' (Harp)
  • File b ends
  • (More turntable problems lead to John taking the record off before the end)
  • Pavement: 'Kentucky Cocktail' (Peel Session)

File 1 ends and file 2 begins during the above track


  • Peel Show 1992-09-05 Parts 1 & 2
  • b - 1992-09-05 Peel Show L179a.mp3
  • d - 1992-09-05 Peel Show L179b.mp3
  • e - 1992-09-05 Peel Show L171.mp3
  • f - 1992-09-05 Peel Show L254.mp3
  • 1 - 00:46:24
  • 2 - 00:43:13
  • b - 00:37:12
  • d - 00:38:40
  • e - 00:44:38
  • f - 00:08:22
  1. As the reference states, the title of this song is the name of the Beatles' most well-known unreleased song, although this track is not a cover. Interesting, there was an earlier group called The Moles, who released a mysterious single (produced by George Martin) in November 1968 called 'We Are The Moles'. There was some speculation at the time that it could be The Beatles in disguise, although this proved to be not the case.
  2. On its release the following year on the LP 'Painkillers', this song became known as 'Angel Hair'.
  3. The first play of the new single, both sides, which JP thinks is 'the best so far' and the ninth in the year's series. The second track is a David Bowie cover of a song that John claims not to remember: it is the last track on 'Diamond Dogs'. He omits to mention that it had also been covered by the Inspiral Carpets.
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