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  • 1967-08-06 (As the show started at midnight, this is the early hours of Sunday 6th August)
  • At least two versions of a show identified erroneously as 6 August 1967 have now been allocated to 07 August 1967. See talk for details.
  • A file, courtesy of Azanorak, presented an hour of tuning around the dial, taking in Radio 355, Radio Caroline (including full versions of Jeff Beck's 'Tallyman' and the Left Banke's 'Walk Away Renee'), AFN and a brief snippet of Pete Murray's BBC Light Programme show "Pete's Party" (confirmed by the BBC Genome listings for 5 August 1967 10pm-1am [1]) before ultimately settling on the Perfumed Garden. The taper had the habit of changing stations when a record he didn't like was played - which included a number of the PG tracks.
  • SIG has extracted the relevant portions and uploaded as file 1 below. The original unedited file is available as 2) for confirmation. Confirmed as this date due to a large part of the original file (the first twenty minutes or so) being devoted to final close of fellow pirate Radio 355, which is then referenced a few minutes later on Radio London.
  • A 96 minute reel to reel recording was made by Monni Aldous and later converted to cassette, but is not available online.


Files 1 and 2 begin at 00:03am

(JP: 'Oh not yet it isn't, we've got a long way to go mate...Hello, hope you'll wander with me through the Perfumed Garden through the next hour and 55 minutes, or something like that, cos we've a lot of interesting things for you. Here's one of my favourite records currently: it's by a Los Angeles blues group called Canned Heat, which is a good name.')
  • Canned Heat: 'Rollin' And Tumblin' (LP-Canned Heat)' (Liberty) start only
  • clear edit and change of audio quality on Files 2 and 1, the rest is tuning around the dial
  • newsflash read by Radio London's senior DJ Paul Kaye, announcing close of Radio 355 (on the unedited file, at 19:57-20:37, this is preceded by the Grateful Dead's 'Sitting On Top Of The World', a track from their first LP and most probably from this show). File 2 covered this live, then as we tune back to Radio London, the announcer says that the sign off was at 00:21am, and this is around 00:23:30am
  • Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band: 'Grown So Ugly (LP-Safe As Milk)' (Buddah) mostly edited out of File 1, while File 2 goes round the dial. Back to Radio London at 23:59 on file 2, which is 00:27am, and File 8 resumes
(JP: 'I was going to say, might be my theme song, but that's not true. You would not believe, if I told you what a beautiful baby I was. Really! Absolutely staggering. Incredible. I had gorgeous white curls and things. I used to go wandering through the bracken and through the heather and everything up in the fields and the woods behind where we lived. People used to think I was a fairy, y'know, some kind of mystical creature that drifted down, I was so beautiful. Course, I've been deteriorating rather rapidly ever since, but that of course is life. I've got to stop saying that, 'cos it rather lacks originality.')
  • Cream: 'Cat's Squirrel (LP-Fresh Cream)' (Reaction)
  • File 2 goes tuning again at 24:42 on file and 00:28am, returning at 26:28 (00:29am) before above track ends
  • Byrds: 'So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star (LP-Younger Than Yesterday)' (CBS)
  • File 2 goes tuning again at 29:38 (00:33am) returning at 30:37 (00:34am) with the following....
  • Peel urges people to make their own Perfumed Garden badges; Make one. please, and wear it. It's very important. I do hope you understand.....This is from Marc Bolan, whose group Tyrannosaurus Rex should be very interesting when they start working...."
  • Marc Bolan: 'Hippy Gumbo (7")' (Parlophone)
  • File 2 goes tuning again near start of above track at 32:03 (00:35am) returning at 39:10 (00:42am) at the end of the next track
  • Junior Wells' Chicago Blues Band: 'Vietcong Blues (Compilation LP-Chicago/The Blues/Today! Vol. 1)' (Vanguard)
  • Moby Grape: 'Hey Grandma (7"-Omaha)' (CBS)
  • File 2 goes tuning again near start of above track at 39:59 (00:43am) returning at 45:48 (00:49am) near the start of the next track
  • Rolling Stones: 'Dandelion (7"-We Love You)' (Decca)
(JP: 'Not sure when it's going to be released: when it is, we want it to go leaping straight up to the very top of the hit parade, which is something that it ought to do, I think. Talking about Kenny Everett, as we were earlier on, Kenny, if you're listening mate, we need groceries out here rather seriously, you see.' One wonders what Peel meant by 'groceries'.)
  • JP alludes to a recent gig at the Hermitage Club, Hitchin; a listener "saw me do my thing there..." and plays the following track as a request
  • Country Joe & The Fish: 'The Masked Marauder (LP-Electric Music For The Mind And Body)' (Fontana)
  • File 2 goes tuning again near start of above track at 51:16 (00:54am) returning at 52:59 (00:56am) with the below
  • Peel reads weather forecast; background music appears to be "The Supernatural" by John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, augmented by some tapes run backwards, leading into
  • Beatles: 'I'm Only Sleeping (LP-Revolver)' (Parlophone)
  • Pink Floyd: 'Flaming (LP-The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn)' (Columbia)
  • Files 1 and 2 end at 01:01am


  • 1) 19670806 Perfumed Garden (edits)
  • 2) 19670806_0003_0103_R_355_Close_BigL_Caroline

  • 1) 00:20:49
  • 2) 00:57:58

  • Many thanks to the original taper back in 1967, along with those who made the remastered versions available!
  • 1) Extracts of file 2 that belong to this Peel show
  • 2) Originally shared on Aznorak