• 1979-08-06
  • Start of show: "Did you hear me on the Annie Nightingale show on Sunday? Terrific. On tonight's programme, we have a session from Jimmy Norton's Explosion. Who are they? I hear you cry: Glen Matlock, Danny Kustow and Budgie. [1] We have a repeat of the first ever Rezillos session, recorded on December 12th 1977, a host of records of course, including records by Trevor Walters (no relation), the Tours, Rudi, Stiff Little Fingers, Capital Letters, Ry Cooder, Cockney Rejects, the Outcasts, 999, Bootsy's Rubber Band and a whole gang of Danes, We start the programme, though, with Madness."
  • Following a phone call from Kid Jensen, insincerely bewails the fact that he has never been invited to any of his fellow DJ's homes and none of them has ever accepted his offers to come down to Peel Acres, citing reasons such as having to lance the cat's boil.
  • Ry Cooder track prompts thoughts of a Braniff airline hostess called Judy: "I could tell you some stories, but you'd only laugh." (See Margrave Of The Marshes, Peel & Ravenscroft, Bantam Press, 2005, p 156-8.)



Files a and c begin

File a ends
File b begins

(tape flip)

File b ends

(JP: 'Sitting in the studio in total darkness, I can hardly see who's on tomorrow night's programme. It's the Chords and Secret Affair: compare and contrast. Tonight you heard Jimmy Norton's Explosion and the Rezillos.')

File c ends


  • a) 02-08-79000.mp3
  • b) 06-08-79prt2.mp3
  • c) 1979-08-06 John Peel Radio 1 DB096+DB097
  • a) 01:34:22
  • b) 01:34:21
  • c) 02:00:21
  • a) Start to 1.10.00 is 02 August 1979, then start of 06 August 1979 to middle of Jags single.
  • b) Continues from Jags single. File created from T118 and T119 of 400 Box. Final track of the night cuts off before end.
  • c) File created from DB096 & DB097 of the Derby Box. Sound upgrade. For the first time, complete recording of final track and (most of) Peel's signoff.
  1. All were better known for their history with other bands: Sex Pistols and Rich Kids (Matlock), Tom Robinson Band (Kustow), and Big In Japan, Slits and Siouxsie & The Banshees (Budgie).
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