• 1993-08-06
  • Start of show: "Thanks, Claire".
  • File a contains 36 minutes of the show from the start. The 500 Box version only lacks the last 25 minutes, although with some retuning and dropouts.
  • SL Tapes now provide a complete show
  • John recalls that he was at the Reading Festival the year before on his birthday, but that nobody sang 'Happy Birthday To You' for him.
  • A big up for Ken Garner's In Session Tonight, another record from the already completed Little Richard Cover Search, and a first play for Simon Joyner.


  • Madder Rose, #1. Recorded 1993-07-04. No known commercial release.
  • Even As We Speak, #2 (rpt). Recorded 31 January 1993. No known commercial release.


File a begins with the end of Claire Sturgess' Friday Rock Show
Files 1 and 2 begin

(JP: ‘One of the very few Australian pop bands to have had lunch in our village pub.’)

File 2 ends, file 3 begins

Files 1 and a end

File b begins

File 3 ends, file 4 begins

File b ends File c begins

(JP: 'Radio 2-style link coming your way, so be warned....And amongst the other things that I like, eating and sleeping!')
  • Earl King: Eating And Sleeping (unknown source)
  • VCF: 'Journey Through Life (12"-Neon EP)' (Magnetic North)
(JP: 'Another terrible link coming up in a moment. It's kind of catching: once you've spotted one, you start looking for them all the time, and then of course, once you've got into a real habit of doing this, then you get a job as a proper DJ....And I wonder if that journey through life would ever take you to Idaho?')

File 4 ends, file 5 begins

(JP: 'Time, I think, that we started the lengthy campaign to get the band in to do another session for the programme...I always recommend that your Fall LPs, if you leave them for like a year, eighteen months or something, and then go back to them, they sound like new records. They do: it's a wonderful thing.')
(Speaking of sessions, the astonishing book by Ken Garner will be released some time. If you go into your shops, whatever word they use in publishing, will be in your shops sometime in September. We'll probably have competitions and things to celebrate its release around that time, but I've got a finished copy of it myself, and it really is an astonishing work. I've already found it very useful indeed. It's not just sessions for these programmes but sessions for all of the things that have been done for Radio 1 over the years. I mean, not going right back to the days when the Northern Dance Orchestra did covers of Jimi Hendrix numbers, although I wish it did in a way. I wish I'd got tapes of some of those. My goodness me, you'd have loved them.')
(JP: 'This is another one of the records that I found in the course of my search for something that I've already found: I'm not going to go through all of that again.')

File c ends

File d begins

File 5 ends


  • 1) Peel Show 1993-08-06 (incomplete)
  • 2) CB108 JP 1993-08-06 Side A
  • 3) CB108 JP 1993-08-06 Side B
  • 4) CB109 JP 1993-08-06 Side A
  • 5) CB109 JP 1993-08-06 Side B
  • a) L303-a
  • b) 1993-08-06 Peel Show L472a.mp3
  • c) L303-b
  • d) 1993-08-06 Peel Show L472b L470.mp3
  • 1) 00:36:42
  • 2) 00:31:21
  • 3) 00:31:24
  • 4) 00:47:19
  • 5) 00:46:09
  • a) 00:39:28
  • b) 00:44:45
  • c) 00:39:14
  • d) 00:52:46
  • 1) Many thanks to the taper.
  • 2)-5) Files created from CB108 and CB109 of the 500 Box. Fair FM mono, which improves towards the end of file b.
  • a) & c) Files created from L303 of SL Tapes, digitised by Bill.
  • b) File created from L472 of SL Tapes, digitised by SB.
  • d) File created from L472 and L470 of SL Tapes, digitised by SB.
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