• 1989-02-06
  • Peel mentions it's his son, Thomas' birthday today.
  • Peel mentions after the Chill Rob G track, that he was going to play a CD track from Lou Reed's New York album, but when he opened it, there was no CD. Instead he plays Sonic Youth's cover of Mudhoney's Touch Me I'm Sick.
  • Peel says Ripcord's latest album, Poetic Justice, will be their last.
  • Peel mentions listening to the Palestine - Music Of The Intifada, which he mentions as being extraordinary and says he'll play more tracks from the album on upcoming shows.
  • Peel mentions it's a coincidence that Champion Jack Dupree's Shim Sham Shimmy follows before a Shimmy Disc record from Spongehead.
  • Peel reads out a letter from a listener who saw Colorblind James Experience perform in November at Camden Town and says there were 2 support bands, none of them gave their names and wants to know one of the support bands, who consisted of 2 women singing and 3 guitars and says that they mentioned that their second album would be released in a couple of months time. Peel then asks listeners if they know who were the support act and write in if they know, rather than calling. Later on in the programme, Peel says a listener rang in to say it was the Rhythm Sisters and mentions if anyone wrote in the answer, they should throw the paper away and save the postage.


  • HDQ #2, recorded 17th January 1989.


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(JP: 'And this is a record that our William approved of very much when I played it on Wednesday night's programme. So if he's still listening, which he shouldn't be actually, because he should be asleep, as he's got school tomorrow, he'll probably still approve of it')


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