• 1991-01-06


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  • (inserted link done by two children, one of whom is Peel's daughter: 'I'm Alexandra...', '...and I'm Anna.' (together) 'Why don't you play some surf music, fatso?' JP: 'Maybe later, if you're very very good. But first, the controller speaks.')
  • Big Chief: 'Get Down And Double Check (LP-Drive It Off )' (Repulsion) # @
  • KLF: '3 A.M. Eternal (Klonk Blip Every Trip) (12"-3 A.M. Eternal (The Moody & Mad Remixes!)' (KLF Communications) # $
  • File 1 cuts in 4:24 from end of above track
  • (Link by Peel's son: 'This is Thomas. What's in tonight's programme, Daddy?')
  • Surgery, Papa San, Fall, Wendys, Mad Bstard, Mudhoney, KMD, Jonestown, Wig, Sacred Miracle Cave, Flying Cream Shots, Yondo Sister, Erin Neville, Red Dragon, Whipping Boy, Venus Beads, Ween, 3X Dope, Unsane, Captain Beefheart, Jellyfish Kiss
  • Moonflowers: Get Higher (12 inch) (Heavenly) @ $
  • Yondo Sister With The Soukus Stars: Ma Daudau (LP - Yondo Sister With The Soukus Stars) Syllart
  • Chapterhouse: Something More (Peel Session)
  • Sacred Miracle Cave: Liquid In Me (12 inch) (Ubik) #
  • Prince Jazzbo: Imperial I (LP - Choice Of Version ) (Studio One) $
(JP: 'Rather a noisy programme so far, and I think it's going to continue that way.')
(JP: 'They can run their tiny fingers up and down my spine any time they like....actually, I was wearing their T-shirt earlier on today, until I had a shower: a little tight-fitting, but it showed my breasts off to good advantage.')
(JP: 'Occasionally, if you have a job like mine, you get drawn into debates about sort of censorship and so forth, frequently actually these days, people saying some records are kind of too sexual, or too erotic in some way or another, and I say, yeah but most music is ultimately about sex (this is one of these kind of indefensible things that you say with a great deal of confidence, and everybody just goes "Mmm, mmm, yes yes, it's a good point," and you usually get away with it). I've even maintained in the past that instrumentals could be very sort of sexy records, and a case in point is....')
(JP: 'Life-enhancing to the nth degree.')
(JP (affecting highly nasal BBC announcer tone): 'What a thoroughly rip-snorting programme this is, boys and girls!')
(JP: 'Short to the point of abruptness, but that's the way I like it.')


  • File 1 John Peel 19910106.mp3
  • File 2 best of peel vol 19 part 1 (with introductions).mp3
  • File 3 best of peel vol 19 part 2 (with introductions).mp3
  • File 4 john-peel-28b-1990-91
  • File 5 1991-01-xx Peel Show LE092
  • File 1 01:34:32
  • File 2 00:47:17 (8:21-46:02) (to 14:24, from 45:14 unique)
  • File 3 00:46:43 (to 41:42) (from 9:19 additional)
  • File 4 46:57 (06:35 to 32:30) (from 26:28 unique)
  • File 5 1:33:21 (7:29-55:50) (39:39-45:03, from 50:51 unique)
  • File 1 shared by Phil
  • Files 2 and 3 shared via Peel Mailing List. Excellent quality sound at 320 kbps. Many thanks to Mike.
  • File 4 Many thanks to Happy Otter
  • File 5 Created from LE092 of Lee Tapes, digitised by Weatherman22
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