• Nachtexpress
  • Ô3 (Austria)
  • 1994-06-03
  • Start of show: "I hope this programme gets to you in time to be broadcast in the right week, because I held it back until the new Fall LP came in, because quite clearly I wanted to play you some tracks from that: it arrived this morning." Consequently, he manages to insert three and a bit tracks into the programme.


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(JP: 'Curiously, the next track I wasn't going to play it to you, but it's got me on it. I should explain that on Saturday afternoons, when I do a programme here in Britain, I get people in bands to phone up and do kind of match reports for me. I mean, not big matches and not big bands. We don't get Morrissey doing Manchester United or anything like that, you know. But one of the members of the Fall phoned up to do Manchester City, and they recorded it, and have used it on the LP...a bit of a waste of vinyl, I have to say.')'
(JP: 'That's so wonderful, I think I shall swoon every time that I hear it. I've been invited by a magazine to select an imaginary Fall LP, you know, like twelve tracks out of their whole recorded history...and it's a real task, but that'll certainly be on there, there's no question about it. I've also been paid to write something like 1500 words as to why I like 'em, and I can't write more than about sort of ten at the moment, cos all I can say rather pathetically is "I think they're wonderful and I love them," and that's as far as it goes. But I'll think of something, obviously, because I'm getting paid to do it.')


  • John Peel Nachtexpress 6 June 1994
  • 00:45:54