• 1968-03-06
  • Peel's first-ever Night Ride show: he begins by saying, "This is the first in a new series of programmes in which you might hear just about anything."
  • Info from Alan Grove's Mixcloud page - "Night Ride was a two hour show on Radio 1 and 2 from midnight to 2am - easy listening non-needletime music hosted by voices from Radio 2. In March 1968, John Peel was given the first hour on Wednesday nights. Top Gear was Peel the rock fan, whereas Nightride was acoustic Peel with added poetry and occasional classical music.The Radio 2 listeners and much of management hated this "Perfumed Garden at the Beeb. and when supporter of the show Robin Scott (Controller) left, his hour of the show was axed." (See Night Ride page for more details)
  • More information at Kats Karavan
  • A descriiption of the show can be found in David Cavanagh's Good Night And Good Riddance (pp.49-51); he says guest poet Adrian Mitchell (see Night Ride Poets) "sounds like a man trying to hold his anger in".



(JP: 'This is a record by a group that I used to manage in California that was released about fifteen months ago, and it shows you, I think, that groups are capable of making records that never get anywhere that people should hear. It's unfortunate that the group was subsequently broken up.')
(JP: 'We get an awful lot of records in each week, you know, from groups that have just made their first record, and it's very sad to have to reject them sometimes, because you know that the hopes of hundreds of people, well, almost hundreds of people are pinned on each record. Mums and dads are sitting at home to see if Johnny's record comes on the radio, and it's very sad when you know they're not going to.')
(JP: 'One group that you're going to hear a great deal of in the next year because they're so important, and people in this country and America and all over Europe who haven't heard them will be hearing them: and they're very good indeed. They're our guests this evening.')
  • Incredible String Band: 'You Get Brighter' (Peel Session)
  • North Vietnamese music by unknown artists: 'A Joyful Northern Air (from BBC Archives)'
  • Adrian Mitchell: 'Take Stalk Between Teeth, Pull Stalk From Blossom, Throw Blossom Over Arm Towards Enemy, Lie Flat and Await Explosion' (poetry readng)
  • Iron Butterfly: Possession (LP: Heavy) Atco 2465 015
  • Chat with Adrian Mitchell
  • End: Shades of Orange (single) Decca F 22750
  • Incredible String Band: 'All Too Much For Me' (Peel Session) &
  • Domenico Scarlatti: Sonata in E Minor (K 15, L 374) (JP: 'We'll try and get him in for the programme next week.') Scarlatti died in 1757.
(JP: 'For the benefit of all those lorry drivers who've pulled over to the side of the M1, the M4 and the M6, smashing their transistor radios to pieces beside the road at this very moment, the normal Night Ride things will be back at 1 o'clock.')

(Handover to John Dunn for the rest of Night Ride, who says, "One of the sad things about broadcasting is that it tends to interfere with your listening habits, and that is one programme I wanted to hear right through." There follows the one a.m. news and some easy listening which hopefully pacified John's belligerent lorry drivers: 'something slightly more conventional than John Peel.')

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  • a) John Peel - Night Ride 1968-03-06 (mono) (remaster)
  • b) John Peel hosts his first Nightride show segment - 6th March 1968 - Radio 1
  • c) 1968-03-06 ISB Night Ride 5.3.69 poss inc one from 6.3.68.mp3
  • d) 1968-03-06 NR mid 68 Simon & Garfunkel 2 songs w Peel intro or outro
  • a) 01:00:07
  • b) 00:56:24
  • c) 2:32
  • d) 2:45
  • a) 167Mb, mono, FLAC. Shared via Kat's Karavan. Many thanks to Colin Ellis, Guy Brown and Duff Paddy
  • b) Many thanks to Alan Groves.
  • c,d) Many thanks to Colin Harper
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