• 2001-03-06
  • (Alan, message to Peel Mailing List: Here are two shows (this one and 07 March 2001) where John played Captain Beefheart sessions from 1968 which had apparently been lost/erased by the BBC and subsequently rescued from a listener recording. There's a couple of mentions of Ken Garner's first book, and an expressed desire that he gets on and updates it.
  • Beefheart session from 4/2/68.
  • Files a,b contain the last 80 mins of 2-hour show, from 10:40 - midnight, then some Mary Anne Hobbs. File d contains the first 93 minutes from 10:00-11:33 so completes the show.



  • File a starts at start of first track
(JP: 'Thanks to the unknown benefactor who recorded that from the radio on the 4th February 1969... in case there were any sharp edits in that, it was to remove my whining 1968 voice from the music. So in case anybody illegally recorded that, they'd be able to enjoy it to the full.')
  • Matmos: Spondee (LP - A Chance To Cut Is A Chance To Cure) Matador @
  • White Stripes: Party Of Special Things To Do (7" Sub Pop Single Club) Sub Pop @
  • Barcelona: Replicant (LP - ZeRo-oNe-INFINITY) March Records
  • Blossom Toes: The Remarkable Saga Of The Frozen Dog (LP - We Are Ever So Clean) Marmalade Records
  • Universal Project: Soundclash (2x 12 inch EP 'The Soundclash EP ') True Playaz
  • Seedling: High On The Downside (LP - Elevator Tourist)
  • Gag: New Fangles Mooncalves (LP - When People Start Slapping Meat On Marble) Flitwick
  • Sascha Funke: Appearance Are Deceptive (LP - Schaffelfieber) Kompakt Records @
  • File a  ends and File b begins during above track
  • John Fahey: Sun Gonna Shine In My Back Door Someday Blues (LP - Return Of The Repressed) Rhino @
(JP: 'The Kenny Dalglish of the guitar... stupid thing to say, but I've said it.')
  • File d ends at start of next track
  • Beans: All-Encompassing Dust (Tired Snow EP) Zum Records @
  • Suicide Milkshake: Boy Action (EP) Submerge Records
  • Mountain Goats: Family Happiness (LP - The Coroner's Gambit) Absolutely Kosher Records @
  • Joshua Ryan: Pistolwhip (Aerial Remix) (12") NuLife Records
  • I Am Kloot: To You (b-side 'Dark Star' single) We Love You Records
(JP: 'Typically of course, I've played you the wrong side of the record I think. (laughs) I'm now in a real quandry. That is 'To You' by I Am Kloot, the b-side of 'Dark Star' and I was going to follow that you see, by playing the Grateful Dead's 'Dark Star' which, when they played live, would sometimes go on for hours, even days. But there is a single version of it and somehow I'm going to have to play you that now really, because although it doesn't make a great deal of sense, I've got no other record ready to play you. So...')
(JP: 'Well I feel a fool to be honest. It was such a nice idea too! Well, a crappy idea really, but I mean... progressive programming.')
  • Lost Sounds: 1 + 1 = Nothing (7") Empty Records @
  • News at midnight.
  • File b ends
  • Tracks marked @ available on File c


  • a) Peel-2001-03-06-a.mp3
  • b) Peel-2001-03-06-b.mp3
  • c) 2001-03-xx Peel Show LE609
  • d) 6 March 2001.mp3
  • a) 00:46:35
  • b) 00:46:47 (to 00:33:15)
  • c) 01:34:34 (from 20:14)
  • d) 01:33:06
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