• 1978-10-06
  • In The Peel Sessions (p.220), Ken Garner notes plays for the debut Siouxsie & The Banshees and Matumbi LPs, but neither release is featured in the available section of the programme, which appears to be the final 40 minutes.
  • Peel notes his own upcoming appearance on Omnibus the following Thursday.
  • Describes the Temple Kazoo Orchestra version of ‘Staying Alive’ as “fairly extravagant.”


  • All records


(cuts in)
(JP: “A perfectly extraordinary version of the Who’s ‘My Generation’ with some of the worst playing I can recall hearing in many a year”...)
(JP: "The UK Subs are on Omnibus on next Thursday evening on BBC-1 television, along with the Mekons, the Slits, Jim Pursey, Alternative TV, the Desperate Bicycles, and the playlist committee among other things, and my good self, seen heading a football with more skill than I bet you imagined I had. So that could be well worth watching – not for my football, but for some of the points that are made in the course of the programme, which is basically about the record industry… Recommended unreservedly.")
(JP: "What do you make of that, eh, John? Steve Jones and Paul Cook I must admit when they play together lift any record I think.")
(JP: “Eventually I suspect I shall end up by listening to more than I listen to the XTC album (Go 2), and I like the album very well indeed.”)
(JP: “I must confess to not being entirely in sympathy with that.”)
(JP: "Almost at the end of this week’s programmes, but this is for Ian Penman of the New Musical Express with thanks for the generous words he said about the programme, said he with his usual false modesty…. He’d probably like this.”)
(cuts out)


  • 1978-10-06 (all records, Siouxsie, Matumbi LPs)
  • 39.36
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