• 1981-10-06
  • John is in the middle of playing all of the tracks from the posthumous Joy Division album 'Still'.
  • Peel mentions having watched Top Of The Pops last week and being fascinated by "the extraordinary costume that Mike Read was wearing... It really was most peculiar."
  • Staying with Mike Read: "I ruffled his hair once you know, in a friendly sort of gesture and he got absolutely livid. Said, 'never do that again!' I'm sure he was just kidding."
  • John has a read through the new UK Top 40 single chart that was unveiled that day: "The Tweets up to #2! There you are you see, not everything's bad."
  • Peel admits to struggling with the pronounciation of the band Schlaflose Nächte - "When I was a boy bands were called things like, 'Randolph Basingstoke and his Spa Hotel Rhythm Dandies' and things were a lot easier then. I blame it all on the Common Market myself."



  • File 1 begins at start of show
  • 23 Skidoo: Last Words (7" promo) Fetish FE 10
  • Cure: Charlotte Sometimes (7") Fiction FICS 14 @
  • Orange Juice: Three Cheers For Our Side (session)
JP: "Curiously enough, I've been drinking an immense quantity of orange juice lately. I don't know whether this something which comes to you in middle age - who can say? Perhaps it does. But if anybody's going to die of vitamin C poisoning in this country it could easily be me."


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  • 2) John Peel 06 Oct 1981.mp3
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