• 1998-10-06
  • Rachel Reynard:"Now, cackling insanely through his sick reign of terror, all hail the sinister overlord of sound, Peel The Merciless!"
  • JP: "Peel The Merciless, is it? Crazy crazy kids! I'm intrigued by the idea of records your arse can listen to: here's an entire programme your arse can listen to."
  • Petty Crime's track from the CD goes wrong and Peel fades it away before playing another track.
  • Anthony B's vocals is played over the 1985 music of Anthony Red Rose's 'Tempo' track, which was played as part of the Peelenium 1992, when the record was remixed in that year.
  • Peel plays the Kinks' Don't You Fret, as producer Anita Kamath has not heard of it, after session artist Fuck did a cover version of the track on last week's show.
  • Peel asked listeners to know what Mano! is, from the Donnas' 'Let's Go Mano!' track. According to the Urban Dictionary website, 'Mano' is short for 'hermano', which means brother in the Spanish language.
  • Peel didn't know who was the unknown artist of the Mexico single on the show, it turns out to be from drum and bass producer, John B.
  • Peel is impressed that Bob Wills traveled 50 miles on horseback to see a Bessie Smith gig.
  • Thanks to Lorcan's Tracklistings Archive for the tracklistings of the show.



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