• 1968-04-07
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  • The Alan Bown cover Bob Dylan's "All Along The Watchtower", from his John Wesley Harding LP. The best-known version of the song, by the Jimi Hendrix Experience, wasn't released until September 1968, Hendrix had recorded an earlier version of the song in January, but was dissatisfied with the result and continued to work on it during the summer months.


  • Alan Bown #6, recorded 20th March 1968. No known comercial release.
  • Tim Buckley #1, recorded 1st April 1968. Whole session was officially released on Strange Fruit in the early 1990s (SFPCD082). An off-air recording with Peel comments of 4 tracks appeared on a rare 1980s bootleg LP "Happy Mad". Two other tracks from this session were not broadcast until the repeat show on 19 May 1968. There seems to be some variability in the title of the first session track. He seems to sing "Coming Home To Stay", but Ken's book refers to the track as "Coming Here To Stay". The session release, as well as a separate album release, refers to the track as "Coming Home To You (Happy Times)"
  • Ten Years After #2, recorded 13 March 1968. No known commercial release.
  • Traffic #3, recorded 26th February 1968, repeat, first broadcast 03 March 1968. No known commercial release.
  • Idle Race #2, recorded 19 February 1968. No known commercial release.

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  • 1968-04-07 Tim Buckley Top Gear Session #1 am recording
  • 14:26
  • Many thanks to Nick Halliwell for providing the Tim Buckley source bootleg
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