• 1995-04-07
  • By and large, a very noisy show, with JP indulging himself with a lot of drum and bass (he had just received a large consignment), jungle and dub.
  • Contains a historic moment, the very first play by John of "a sizzling new single" by Pulp: 'Common People' (which had already appeared the previous year in a session).
  • John then plays a very short (10 second) track of grindcore, followed by the comment: "It's good to know someone's still doing it."
  • There is an amusing moment when John attempts to play the Impalas track, instead launching into Johnny Tillotson's 'Poetry In Motion' by mistake. He later apologises, stating that he has always intensely disliked the song and wished to save his audience from it.
  • JP seems to be having a lot of trouble with stammering: he introduces a jingle for his Saturday show by stating that it was 'recorded in the days when I could speak properly'. he excuses his fast links by saying that he is afraid of either spontaneously combusting or his head turning inside out (thankfully, these phenomena do not happen).
  • The band Bush featured in this show are a Canadian rock group from the early 1970s, not the British post-grunge outfit (Peel teases his audience by leading them to suspect that it is indeed the latter).
  • The Black Star Liner session contains a fifth track not mentioned in Ken Garner's The Peel Sessions.


  • Black Star Liner, #1. Recorded 1995-03-07. No known commercial release.
  • Mug, one and only session. Recorded 1995-03-16. No known commercial release.


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  • a)-d) Peel Show 1995-04-07
  • Complete 3 hour show.
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