• 1998-04-07
  • This show is specifically mentioned on p.161 of Ken Garner's The Peel Sessions: Anita Kamath, the show's producer, had to talk John into letting Six.By Seven do a second number live. The reminiscences in the book as to what Peel said on air differ somewhat from the broadcast (see below).
  • File b seems complete except for the 9:30pm news edited out.


  • Yummy Fur, #2. Recorded 1998-02-22. No known commercial release.
  • Six.By Seven, two tracks live from Maida Vale. Listed in The Peel Sessions (p. 330) as part of session #1 (recorded 1998-04-07, no known commercial release). These tracks were intended as a kind of "taster" for it.


(JP: 'Something spontaneous has happened in these programmes: I mean of course, as you know, everything is very very carefully rehearsed, we go through everything, all of the little mistakes and things like that. You assume that it's genuine, but they're all written down...That's the way these programmes work, we work in a very cynical and manipulative way. But during that, we got talking to Six.By Seven down at Maida Vale at the studio where they just played the last number from, and they said, "Can we do another one?," and we thought, why not? Rather a nice idea, so they're going to do another one in about ten minutes' time.')
(JP: 'An entirely spontaneous occurrence, this: Six.By Seven thought they'd like to do another tune and we thought we'd like to hear one, so are you ready to rock the house?...You'll get something like a ten shilling postal order for doing it, so it's not a waste of time.')


  • a: 19980407 Yummy Fur + Six By Seven live
  • b: Peel 1998-04-07(p).mp3
  • c: 1998-04-xx Peel Show LE403
  • d: 1998-04-xx Peel Show LE404
  • a: 01:33:15
  • b: 01:50:26
  • c: 1:31:30 (from 54:46)
  • d: (to 9:21)
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