• John Peel Show
  • BBC Radio One
  • 1991-12-07
  • Parts of the show are available on four files, all edited to some degree. The first three files of the tracklisting below are in the apparent order of the broadcast. The fourth file, highlighting the Krispy Three session, mostly takes tracks from the other three, but adds extra songs, presumably from the same show.
  • Peel shies away from giving the correct title for the Extreme Noise Terror track, but promises another one from their new release in the following night’s show (08 December 1991).
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(1. L004a)

(JP: "Tell you what, David Nellist would get my vote if I lived in his constituency.")
  • Johan Cruyff: Oei-Oei-Oei-Fantastico Cruyff Barcelona (CD - Bend It '91) Exotica
(JP: "I can't tell you who it's by, but it's on the CD Bend It '91 from Exotica..")
("And here's a record which would stand very nicely on the next one that Exotica put together..")

(2. L009a)

(JP: "And in case you’re wondering what became of Raw Noise, who are in session tonight, I put all of their stuff in two kind of lumps, and the first lump comes up now.”)
  1. Stench Of Death (Metal)
  2. Making A Killing
  3. Under The Influence
(JP: "Masters of melody. That’s Raw Noise in session.”)


(JP: “An oldie but goodie. Reminds me of you…”)



(JP: “And I see in this week’s Melody Maker that PJ Harvey has a bit of an appetite for the work of Lightnin’ Hopkins. In fact, she cited an LP of his which I don’t have, and I thought I’d got most of them, so this is from one that I’ve got and I bet she doesn’t.”)
(JP: “Met him as well actually. Jumped up on stage when he was playing at Luanne’s in Dallas millions of years ago and shook his hand.”)
(JP: “Ipswich should be proud of them. We should be proud to have them live amongst us, as a matter of fact. That’s Extreme Noise Terror, and nobody does it better, they really don’t.”)
  1. Ratfink
  2. Waste Of Life

(3. L009b)

(Peel/Kershaw trailer)
(JP: “Quite a few people have written in to ask what is going to be broadcast over Christmas and the New Year in place of the Festive Fifty. If you weren’t listening a couple of weeks ago, we pressed the abort button – or at least I had to press the abort button – on that, because of there had been what I think is a poor response to it. I mean, since then it’s rather perked up, but you know once you make these decisions you have to stick with them, otherwise you’d look a bit of a twerp. But it’ll be something terrific, no question about that. Probably my favourite records of the year instead of yours.”)


(JP: “Hard Times once, Hard Times twice.”)
(JP announces final track and reminds us that tomorrow’s sessions are from the Frank & Walters and Telescopes.)

(4. L012a, edited highlights)


  • L004a.mp3
  • L009a.mp3
  • L009b.mp3
  • L012a.mp3
  • 5) C177 The Peel Tapes Vol.16
  • 41:25 (from 4:19)
  • 46.38
  • 43.35 (show ends 39.04, tape switches to unknown Andy Kershaw programme)
  • 45:41
  • 5) 1:31:57 (57:55-1:04:24) (1:00:54 unique)
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