• 1990-02-07
  • A somewhat nostalgic show, in the days when Ride could be seen in Peterborough for £3, and when the Charlatans were virtually unknown. John recommends the listener to video the Breeders' appearance on Snub TV, and watch it after his programme.


  • Breeders, one and only session. Recorded in Boston, USA 1990-01-22. Producer: Steve Albini. No known commercial release.


  • MC 900 Ft Jesus With DJ Zero, 'A Place Of Loneliness (CD-Hell With The Lid Off)' (Nettwerk Europe)
  • Wicked Ones, 'Nightmares (7 inch-The Devil's In My Pants!)' (Get Hip Recordings)
  • An unnamed and unannounced Russian ’immigri’ presenter speaking: В сегодняшней программе John Peel будет передавать сессию группы The Breeders, а также он будет играть музыку многих групп, которые вы никогда не слышали раньше, и которые, вероятно, вам не очень-то понравятся. Предидущая песня исполняла группа The Wicked Ones, а следущая это Guru Josh. ('In today's John Peel programme, there will be a session from the Breeders, and he will play the music of many groups that you've never heard before, and that you probably do not really enjoy. The previous song is performed by the Wicked Ones: next is Guru Josh.')
  • Guru Josh, 'Infinity (7 inch)' (Deconstruction)
  • Slint, 'Darlene (LP-Tweez)' (Jennifer Hartman Recordings)
  • Breeders, 'Hellbound' (Peel Session)
(JP: 'From Hellbound to Hellhound. I know that's pretty crummy, but you've got to do something.')
(JP: 'One of his more tormented performances...I don't suppose anything's ever written anything about Robert Johnson without using the word "tormented".')
(JP: 'Very Albini, this, isn't it? Which, of course, is the way that I like it.')
(JP: 'I've already sent off a creepy letter asking if they've got any other stuff available, the Evolution Revol-yution, that is. I've got to stop putting Y's into these words, as my friends keep pointing out.')
  • Paradise X: 2 Much (Mad World Mix) (12") WAU! Mr. Modo Recordings MWS 019T
(JP: 'I could be wrong about this, but I think they nicked those crickets, or these crickets if you like, from Sandy Nelson's 'Civilisation'. They sound very familiar crickets to me, I must say....I heard that mentioned on one of London's commercial radio stations, where, every Wednesday afternoon (chuckles), they have half an hour of dance music! Pretty radical, eh? Bet you wish you lived in London, for those of you who don't.')*
(JP: 'Didn't go for the really high note, did he?')

*This is presumably a reference to David Jensen's show on Capital, and thus a sly dig at his former Rhythm Pal for having taken the lucrative mainstream route.


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  • The sig and Peel's intro appear to be missing from this recording, since the combined timings make it about 4 minutes short of the then allotted 90-minute timespan of the show.
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