• 1980-01-07
  • Peel comments on the impracticality of the sandpaper sleeve on the Durutti Column LP.
  • Featured in tomorrow evening's 'Personal Call' on Radio One with 'Simon Beast' are Hugh Cornwell and Jet Black of the Stranglers.


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JP: "Although it was only one minute and forty-five seconds long, during it I had time to talk to the staff on tonight's programme about the problems of obesity, because since Christmas I've been putting on weight again. I know you don't care about all of this, but it just goes to show. My trousers which I've got on this evening - in fact, the only pair of trousers that I've got - are so tight now because of all the food I've been eating over the last two or three weeks, that my legs went numb when I was driving into London this evening. Very dangerous that, you know. I don't know what it means exactly but I'm sure the doc on Kid Jerkin's programme would tell me that it was very unhealthy."
JP: "Do you want to hear the beginning of the next track? Actually it's the beginning of the track... I shouldn't be doing this because I haven't got time, but hold on a minute... The beginning of the first track on the other side that's really good."
  • Duane Eddy: Moovin' 'N Groovin' (LP - A Million Dollars Worth Of Twang) (extract)
JP: "That's another one in the back on the net eh? You shouldn't really have two instrumentals in a row in a radio programme, so here's a third."
JP: "Never cared much for beetroots you know really. I think it's the colour as much as anything. It looks somehow extra-terrestrial and somehow rather unattractive."
JP: "I suppose I ought to follow it with some fatuous observation about the weather. Almost comes as a surprise to me really how amazed we British are when we always have winter around this time of the year. It always seems to come as a fresh new novelty, as a bit of a miracle every year. So I shall say nothing about it at all."


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  1. Comment during the 03 January 1980 show
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