• 1985-01-07
  • 'Soul Deep' by Council Collective is #28 in the current Top 40. The new chart is counted down on Radio One from 12.45 the following day by Gary Davies.
  • "I've lived a very colourful life, you know, me. One of these days I shall write it all down, if I live long enough." Peel recalls he would get asked by promoters in South Oklahoma, mostly for Indian reservations, whether a band did "Louie Louie", "Hang On Sloopy" and "Gloria". If the answer was yes to all three, they would book the band. Says most of the time he worked in America, you couldn’t really do a programme without playing Louie.
  • News: Arms talks between US and USSR. Miners strike continues. Snow causes problems on roads in Southwest.



  • File b (First track of the show only)
(JP: 'Hey, let's not hang about, let's go for it. Here's Wham! Is this hard or what?')
(JP: 'Well, that's a pretty pacy start to the program I'm sure you'll agree. That was Wham! and that was by Lonnie Mack. I play that mainly because my daughter Alexandra, who's 7, came out of the closet as a Wham fan over the weekend. I mean what is a father to do? I just sat up in the garret wringing my hands in despair.')
(tape flip)
(tape flip)
Midnight news.
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