• 1991-07-07
  • (Adapted from Alan's message to Peel Mailing List) "Say what you like ... but I think this is a pretty neat program". Amen to that, John! Here, at last, is the first of 3 three-hour Cover Version shows I have which were broadcast in 1991. It's a complete show in 4 parts, plus about 10 mins of news and someone called Neil James on the end. There were actually four such shows broadcast over two weekends. First was 06 July 1991. Other two, coming soonish, were 13 July 1991 and 14 July 1991.
  • Dawn Chorus & The Blue Tits was actually Liz Kershaw, sister of Andy and also a Radio One DJ (after her relatively short-lived recording career). Peel mentions that they also had a session for his show.
  • JP demonstrates he can get his timings “roughly right” by playing the Maloko version of ‘In The Midnight Hour’, the second of two here, at roughly twelve o’clock. The track also appears on Peel’s FabricLive.07 compilation. He says he is looking forward to playing it at the Reading Festival.
  • As Peel remarks, it was inevitable that the Altered Images track would come up on this type of show, as he sings and whistles on it ("rather prettily"). Says he wouldn't have done it for anyone else. Mentions that the track had been singled out for "opprobrium" in the press when the album was released (it first played on the Peel show of 28 April 1982.)
  • Says that when the Clash's Sandinista triple album came out, he phoned the record company to tell them the name of the original composer of Junco Partner (which he'd had on an LP in Dallas in the 1960s), but they took no notice of him.
  • News: Michael Stich beats Boris Becker in straight sets in the Men's Wimbledon final.


  • Tar, one and only session. Recorded 1991-05-16. Released on 1988-1995, 2xLP, 2013 (Chunklet Magazine, CHKLP011).
  • L7, one and only session (rpt). First broadcast 18 November 1990. Recorded 1990-11-01. No known commercial release.









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  • Shared via Peel Mailing List, to which re-up requests should be directed. Many thanks to Alan!
  • Peel show ends around the 38 minute mark of final file. News at 2am follows, then the Neil James show.
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