• 1989-03-07
  • Peel says the Nachtexpress crew have promised him some Austrian records, but they haven't arrived yet, but has obtained some Japanese hardcore punk records, which he plays from Nightmare and Outo on the show.
  • Peel says he's had one or two letters from listeners on Nachtexpress, which he's very grateful and has replied to them in English. He also says he's trying to learn German, but hasn't gone very far with it.
  • Peel mentions a friend going to Zimbabwe and obtaining him 71 singles and about 18 LP's, which he's only heard a third of the singles but none of the LP's. He plays a Zimbabwean track from that collection by Jordan Chataika with Edina and Molly.
  • Peel mentions that his next Nachtexpress show would be on April 3rd.


(Female announcer speaking in the German language)
(JP: 'Now most of the good music, no not most of, but a lot of the good music out of the United States in the recent past, has come from Seattle, Washington: Mudhoney, Soundgarden, Coffin Break, Nirvana. I hope you're familiar with all of these, you certainly should be, and here's a new band to me called Big Tube Squeezer on a new label as well, Candy From A Stranger. The first release from this label in fact, but it comes from Seattle, Washington, and it's a song you may recognise')


  • Ö3 - Nachtexpress 07.03.1989
  • 56:09
  • Many thanks to Andreas Knedlik
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