• 1979-05-07
  • Hinton Box file is a pause-button edit built around the Skids session but with the Banshees totally absent. It captures a moment in time when Peel plays Gangsters for the very first time and likes it so much he plays the flip side too. It seems the John Peel Roadshow was at the Factory in Manchester (pre-Hacienda days) at the weekend as John has a few requests to read out from attending punters.
  • Subsequently a tape was put on sale on eBay with a full tracklisting.



(JP: 'An uncommon sound from the Skids, the first from them tonight.')
(JP: 'The Skids sounding very un-Skidlike tonight, but perfectly acceptable.')
(JP: 'I mean, where do they all come from, these bands? I mean, you've not heard of them before. Obviously, people who know Special AKA have heard of them quite a lot and have gone to see their gigs and so on, but I mean this is their first record and I think it's an absolute gem, I really do....In fact, I shall play the other side of it, 'cos the other side's very good and I seem to have got a little time on me hands, so I'll play you that in just a second.')
(JP: 'Pogo to that, you insensitive brutes.')
(JP: 'Couple of years' National Service, sort that lot out without any trouble at all.')
Tracks marked # are available on the recording.


  • BH012 JP 1979-05-07 Side B
  • 00:44:47
  • File created from BH012 of the Hinton Box. Many thanks to Brian and Colin.
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