• 2002-05-07
  • Start of show: “It was such a great start to the programme, and now it’s not working properly…”
  • Details of the Dave Clarke set from
  • JP tells DC he is thinking of reintroducing The Forest by The Cure into his own DJ sets, after something of a gap. Apparently the track was so popular back in the day that Peel would deem a gig a success if he made it to the end of the night without playing the song.
  • The Ballboy track is dedicated to “my friend Kid Jensen.” The following Kenyan single is for Andy Kershaw.
  • Mary Anne Hobbs has Cradle Of Filth as guests on her show and Peel admits a great love of the band's t-shirts, although he’s never dared to wear one.
  • Introducing the last track of the night before MAH’s show: “Somebody sent me an email suggesting I only pick records in this spot that have got rude words in the title. What a shocking thing to say. This is ‘Inverted Throat Fuck’.”


  • Dave Clarke #4 DJ set live from the Live Lounge. No known commercial release.


  1. Freeform Five - Perspex Sex (Ewan Pearson Hi-NRG mix)
  2. Dirty - Dirty (E-Dancer mix)
  3. Renato Cohen - Pontape
  4. Marco Carola - Appendix C B-side
  5. Technasia - Acid Storm
  6. Frank Biazzi - Turbulence
  7. Urban - Bust A Nut
  8. Angel Alanis & Rees Urban - Sidewinder
  9. Paul Mac - Breakthrough (Paul Mac mix)
  10. Speedy J - Bugmod
  11. DJ Mahatma - Schinke
  12. Sex Pistols - God Save The Queen (Neil Barnes mix)
  13. Goudron - Basmatine
  14. Cure - A Forest


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  • Many thanks to those responsible for sharing this show.
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