• 1990-10-07
  • Start of show: "A lively blend of music and chat it is, starting with..."
  • The Little Richard track is played for the Pig, and prompts some nostalgic musing.


  • Chapterhouse, one and only session. Recorded 1990-09-23. No known commercial release (but at least one unofficial one).
  • Inspiral Carpets, #4 (rpt). Recorded 1990-05-20. Available on Peel Session (Strange Fruit). All tracks played in one block.


  • File 1 begins at start of show
  • CUD: 'Robinson Crusoe (7")' (Imaginary)
(JP: 'My apologies for the slightly peremptory start to the programme,, but Andy and I agreed last week that we were going to try and avoid doing a lot of DJ chat when he handed over to me, all the kind of, "Hey! Great programme tonight, Andy! Really enjoyed every moment of it!," when you know quite well that people haven't been listening to it, although I actually was. I brought in a handful of records which I'd intended to listen to and time for next week's programmes actually, that's how far ahead I work, and I sat here and listened to his programme instead.')
(JP: 'There's a piece in the current issue of Sounds about bootlegs, and very interesting it is too. Back in the 70s, when there were lots of Dylan bootlegs and Rolling Stones bootlegs, and I was into that sort of thing, I used to buy 'em, but I rather gave up after that because frankly it just became too expensive, and I couldn't play them on the radio, and I spend too much money on records as it is. I mention this because I saw sessions by the Pixies and Dinosaur Jr., both of them made available on 7 inch EPs which I would like to have been able to buy, but at £8.50 a time...I wasn't prepared to pay that much money, and it is annoying when you know that the money is going to some kind of unscrupulous entrepreneur and not even to the bands themselves, and yet the bands curiously enough, when you say, "Well, why don't we put the stuff out on Strange Fruit and legitimise it in some way?" say they don't want that to be done, so the money goes to bootleggers instead. I know at least one band actually, not one of the ones that I've mentioned, [1] that actually bootlegged their own session, so I suppose in a sense that comes slightly closer to being right. But this isn't a bootleg, that's for sure.')


  • 1) Peel Show 1990-10-07 (incomplete)
  • 2) C148 The Peel Sessions Vol.16.mp3
  • 3) 020A-B7381XXXXXX-0100M0.mp3
  • 1) 2:05:08
  • 2) 1:32:54 (1:15:04 on) (from 1:22:30 unique)
  • 3) 3:00:04
  1. It was Sonic Youth.
  2. From session #2, recorded 1979-11-26.
  3. The last track on side A, at first wrongly announced by Peel as 'Cattle Herder's Chant' (the last track on side B).
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