• 1994-10-07
  • First of two shows from Glasgow. The other was broadcast the following day, 08 October 1994. Peel was in the city as part of the council-backed "Ten Day Weekend" music festival, which included him at an event with Ken Garner at the Glasgow Film Theatre on the Friday afternoon.[1]
  • JP says he drove to Scotland because he doesn't like flying and also so he could listen to local radio stations on the way up for an article in the Radio Times (it came out in the 22-28 Oct. 1994 issue and was later republished in Olivetti Chronicles) - "You know, everything you turn to your advantage."
  • Peel has been shopping in the afternoon and bought the Fierce Panda compilation double 7" containing the Ash and Supergrass tracks he plays (declaring the former almost as good as the band's 'Jack Names The Planets'). He also bought the EP by Shorty.
  • With "a kind of ghastly logic", 'Drunk' by Jimmy Liggins is followed by 'Pissed' from Voorhees (Peel has discovered he's previously been mispronouncing the band's name).
  • After Peel's recent run through the Zodiac: Cosmic Sounds LP from 1967, a listener writes in to remind him of the Ananda Shankar album of similar vintage with sitar-centered cover versions of popular rock songs. JP has dug out the record and plays 'Jumping Jack Flash'.
  • Peel says he may go along to AC Acoustics' gig with Shriek the following night (Saturday) at Nice N Sleazy in Glasgow. (It appears that he do this.[2])
  • BBC Radio 6 Music repeated this show in 2017 as part of My Generation 1990's.



(JP: "During that first record I managed to eat half a pizza, which is quite an achievement. It won't do me much good i the long run, I suspect - from the Scrummy Yummy Food Company, whose motto is 'Visit Scrummy and treat your tummy to something yummy!" Isn't that good! I wish I'd thought of that ... Tonight's programme comes from Glasgow. I'm tempted to say I've forgotten why exactly it does. I mean, obviously it is a great pleasure to be here and so forth. But in fact it is because we are several months late for Sound City, and also at lunchtime today I had to go down and give a bit of a talk to a group of people in a sort of cinema/theatre in Glasgow as well.")
(JP: "AC Acoustics are playing at the moment in Perth at a venue called, barely credibly, Twa Tams.")
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  • The show, previously available via torrent, was shared in a new rip via the Peel newsgroup in September 2008.
  • Another complete file has been located on Bill's Mooo folder.
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