• 2004-09-07
  • Producer Louise Kattenhorn is on holiday in Berlin.
  • The Mercury Music Prize winner had been announced that evening in a special programme broadcast live before John's own. Franz Ferdinand were the recipients of the overall prize, but Peel indicates that his preference was for Robert Wyatt, whose LP "Cuckooland" was amongst the nominations.
  • The Rev. C.L. Franklin track is taken from a record given to John for his birthday by Billy Bragg.
  • The record from which the segue about mosaics is taken gets another spin the following evening.
  • The 12 Shades Of Fantasy track is dedicated to Terry Edwards.
  • Halfway through the programme, John admits to feeling light headed following an incident on the way into London when he managed to splash petrol over himself when filling up at a garage. "The entire studio now reeks of petrol, as I will do for several days."



JP: "I worked it out that it would have been Jimmy Reed's 79th birthday yesterday, if he'd survived. And that's reason enough I think for me to play one of his tunes."
Segue: "The Venetian character is nearly destroyed, first by the frightful facade of Saint Moise which we will pause at another time to examine, and then by the modernising of the shops as their near the piazza." [1]
Peel announces Steveless but starts playing the next scheduled Calvin Party track by mistake (Wrong Track Moment.)


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  • 1:58:45
  1. An extract from a recording of a reading of a description of St. Mark's by John Ruskin, taken from his 'Stones of Venice', published between 1851 and 1853.
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