• 1980-04-08
  • Peel's introduction: "Liverpool 3 Derby County nil, that's what you really want to know; Irwin, Johnson and an own goal. And it seems appropriate because Dalglish played a blinder according to our sports desk, that two of the bands featured tonight are from Scotland and the other one comes from Liverpool."
  • The show includes a travel bulletin to the effect that certain bus routes in London will not be running overnight due to unofficial industrial action. "And that will be immensely interesting to those of you living in Galashiels".
  • Peel gives the I.Q. Zero single another play after receiving a request to do so, allegedly written by the mum of one of the band members.
  • Full tracklisting courtesy of the John Peel Papers. Many thanks to the uploader to the John Peel Papers at Facebook for sharing the information. [1]


  • Revillos #1. Repeat of session first broadcast 17 March 1980. Recorded 1980-03-10. No known commercial release.
  • Scars #1. Repeat of session, first broadcast 06 March 1980. Recorded 1980-02-20. No known commercial release.
  • Plus private tape of Wah! Heat recorded live at Eric's Club in Liverpool.


File 1 begins
(File 1 cuts out during the above track)


  • 1) 080480.mp3
  • 2) 1980-04-08 JLP033 JLP034.mp3
  • 3) 1980-04-08 Peel Show JS37.mp3
  • 1) 31.03
  • 2) 17.03 (additional to File 1 from 5.30)
  • 3) 42:03 (from 8:02 unique)
  • 1) Incomplete. The first 30 minutes of a two-hour show. Source is slightly distorted FM mono.
  • 2) File created from JLP033 and JLP034
  • 3) Many thanks to Jimmy. Excellent FM stereo recording. Created from JS37 of JS Tapes, digitised by Weatherman22.
  1. Track title transcribed as "Whizzing Around", but not recognised. Possibly the track "Cruisin' Around" from the LP Midnight Blue.
  2. Title of second song given as "Check Mate" on the Wah! page but tracks transcribed as "unknown/Hey Disco Joe/Lover Boys" and confirmed in 10 April 1980 recording by JP: "...they did Hey Disco Joe as part of their brief set, here it is on record". The confusion may have arisen as before the track, Pete says "I'd like to take you all to Check Mate"
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