• 1981-04-08

(From Entrailicus at Fades in Slowly).

  • This is one of the fabulous batch of early 80s shows that surfaced over on John Peel Everyday in December, 2007.
  • This time it’s the 8th April 1981 show. The name of the file had thus far led me to believe that this might have been from May, but a bit of checking based on results for the 1981 European Cup semi final show that this is definitely from April. Peel bemoans the poor Euro result near the start of the program, referring to Liverpool's 0-0 home draw with Bayern in the first leg of the semi final. The reds did go on, however, to draw 1-1 in the away leg and then trounce Real Madrid 1-0 in the final.
  • Peel mentions that after the previous night's show, he and producer Chris Lycett had gone to the Embassy club to see Fire Engines and Restricted Code.


  • All records show


Tracks marked # on File 2.


  • 1) 19810508_All Singles.mp3 (misdated)
  • 2) John Peel mainly 14 Sept 1981
  • 1) 02.00.14
  • 2) 00:45:35 (until 00:08:17)
  • 1) Originally shared through assorted uploads, brought together on a now-defunct Julian Tapes (torrent) by "bbrbr57", also via Peel Newsgroup. Some of the original cassettes were running fast and the speed of the digital files may need adjustment. This is possible using Audacity and similar software.
  • 1) Many thanks to Julian, Kev and "bbrbr57"!
  • 2) Many thanks to Tim.
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