• 1994-04-08
  • A little bit morbid perhaps, but interesting to hear (again) all the same, the first half of the show on the day that Kurt Cobain's body was found. Peel worries that the mythologising will have already begun when one of the sadder basic aspects is the fact that Cobain had left a wife and daughter behind.
  • Cracking little tape too. First plays for Pulp's His'N'Hers LP - Joyriders and The Fall's 15 Ways.
  • Peel reveals that the shows over the last two weekends were pre-recorded, as he had taken a week's family holiday to France: "One of the children got so fed up with never going on holiday she actually sorted it all out herself and booked it all and everything. So we had a week in - we didn't know at the time that it was going to be so, but it was a heavily industrialised valley somewhere north of Marseilles. I found a good record shop in Marseilles and some of the consequences of my shopping there will crop up later in this programme and again in tomorrow afternoon's programme."


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  • Mazey Fade: 'Inside My Blush' (7") Domino
  • Loop Guru: 'Jungle A' (LP 'Duniya (The Intrinsic Passion Of Mysterious Joy)') Nation
  • Arcwelder: 'Attic' (LP 'Xerxes') Touch/Go
  • Backbeat Band: 'Bad Boy' (Film Soundtrack 'Backbeat') EMI
  • (news at 11:30)
  • Smut: 'Symphony #1' (LP 'Blood, Smut And Tears') Spanish Fly

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  • AC Acoustics: 'King Dick' (Peel Session)
  • Down Underground: 'DJ-Re-Do' (12" 'Australian EP') Rabbit City
  • Jacob's Mouse: 'B12 Marmite' (7" EP') Wiiija
  • Flugschädel: 'Holz-Puppensubbe' (Untitled) Plattenmeister
  • Ivor Cutler: 'Sharks/Slut/My Top 20 Words/Billy's Wife' (Peel Session)
  • The Paragons: 'The Tide Is High'
  • Unhinged: 'Viscous Circle' (7" 'Resisting The Murder Of Self') Nabate/Flat Earth
  • 2000 & One: 'Sensitive Space' (2xLP 'Global Technological Innovations') New Electronica
  • Ex-Cathedra: 'Something Coming Down' (LP 'Tartan Material') Damaged Goods
  • John has to recue the above due to a foreign object on the record....
  • Gorky's Zygotic Mynci: 'Kevin Ayers' (LP 'Tatay') Ankst
  • Seefeel: 'Air-Eyes' (EP 'Starethrough') Warp

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