• John Peel Show
  • BBC Radio One
  • 2001-08-08
  • A show broadcast live from the Maida Vale studios, featuring live mixing (around 5 or 6 minutes each) from the UK finalists in the DMC World DJ Championships.



  • (JP: 'Well hello again pals, we're at our Maida Vale studios again with a live audience... [the expected response does not appear]... obviously they've drifted into a bit of coma, we'll send someone up there with a cattle prod before we get going.')
  • Hefner: Alan Bean (LP - Dead Media) Too Pure
  • Fotomoto: Bailer (demo)
  • (JP: 'If I had a record label I'd certainly put their tunes out.')
  • Theory: live mix
  • (JP: 'Ah, now this machine isn't working. I rather feared that this might happen...')
  • Strokes: Take It Or Leave It (LP - Is This It) Rough Trade
  • (JP: 'I make these little mistakes to put the other finalists at their ease, because that's the kind of kindly person that I am.')
  • Wauvenfold: Selenium Pulse (EP - On The Blink) Wichita
  • Skully: live mix
  • (JP: 'Everybody's talking about the White Stripes and we just keep playing the records. Here's one now.')
  • White Stripes: Astro (LP - The White Stripes) Sympathy For The Record Industry
  • Rock Of Travolta: I Love It When A Plan Comes Together (single) Juggernaut Records
  • (JP: 'I remember once, a few years ago, there was a fellow who'd made an excellent record who was called Space Demon. There was a phone number on the piece of paper that came with it and I thought I'd have a word with Space Demon. So I phoned up and of course I didn't know what his real name was so I had to say - a woman came [on], 'hello, how may I help you?'... 'Can I speak to Space Demon' and she said, 'oh no he's not in. I'm Space Demon's mum, he's gone to the shops for me.' And it didn't seem quite right, I thought he should be out there destroying galaxies with a name like that. I mention this because Primetime, who's on in just a couple of seconds time, wants us to say hello to his mum, who's listening. So hello to Primetime's mum.')
  • Primetime: live mix
  • Quasi: The Sword Of God (7") Domino
  • King Tubby & Soul Syndicate feat. Prince Alla: Great Stone (Zion Train remix) (LP - Select Cuts From Blood & Fire Chapter 2) Select Cuts
  • Lonnie Donegan - John Henry (b-side 'Rock Island Line') - Pig's Big 78
  • Woody: live mix
  • New Order: Primitive Notion (LP - Get Ready) London
  • Blind Benny Paris and Wife: Hide Me In The Blood Of Jesus (LP - Guitar Evangelists 1928-1951) Document
  • (JP: 'I meant to dedicate that to Nigel out of Half Man Half Biscuit because I thought it'd be right up his street. And here's one of his tunes.')
  • Half Man Half Biscuit: Worried Man Blues (Editor's Recommendation EP) Probe Plus
  • Plus One: live mix
  • (JP: 'Do you know, there were aspects of that which I think I'd have had difficulty doing myself.')
  • Jet Johnson: Mr Bones (7") Becalmed Records
  • Digital: Hard Ears (Quad One Double Pack 2 x 12") Function
  • Mr Airplane Man: Hangin' Round Your Door ('It Takes Two, Baby' EP 7") Sympathy For The Record Industry
  • Matching Mole: Nan True's Hole (CD - Smoke Signals) Cuneiform
  • Knifehandchop: Dancemix2000 (7") Irritant
  • (JP: 'I'll tell you what, this goes to Barcelona with me next year if we go.')
  • Star Phase 23: Delay Song (LP - Infrasonic Waves) Ochre
  • Sifu??: Hate Via Satellite (LP - Built And Blew Up) Kung Porn (Unknown)
  • Bush Chemists: This Sound (LP - Dub Fire Blazing) Dub Head


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