• BBC Radio One
  • 1992-02-08
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  • Peel recommends listeners watch the day's opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics. "I've not seen anything like them since I saw a Miss Universe competition from Seoul, South Korea on television which was partly hosted by Donny Osmond. It was one of those things where you thought, I'm really glad I lived long enough to see this, a spectacle so bizarre as to be beyond description, as the present activities are."
  • The recording on Files 1 and 2 is rather distorted due to bass overload on the recording cassette deck.
  • Files b, c and d are fair to good quality FM mono from the SL Tapes collection.


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JP: "When I first played that it was called 'Black Burn', it's now called 'Burn Black', on City Slang records. And speaking of Blackburn, guess who didn't go to Portman Road this week to see Ipswich play because he was working too hard on this programme? And of course it was a 5-2 game. I wish I'd been there!" [1]
JP: "That's on FN1 Records from FN1 Productions of Coventry. I don't feel very warmly towards Coventry today, but nevertheless that's no reason not to play the record obviously." [2]
JP: "Smashing Orange in session, and that's called 'Highway'. And I was going to follow it with loads of records with the word 'highway' in the title but you would have thought less of me if I'd done it."
  • Motiv 8: Mission (Demolition Dub) (12" ) Go Discs! GODX 69
  • (news at 1 am)
  • Cherry Forever: Cherry Forever (EP - Headstrong) Wilde Club
  • Peel reads out some poll results from the German magazine 'Spex'. When it comes to the favourite DJ vote, "modesty forbids me to tell you who came fourth in all of that. Of course, that's the only reason I'm reading you all of this stuff, you do understand that, don't you? (laughs)"
  • Dynametrix: I'm Not A Weakling (single - Keep Da Crowd Dancing) Kold Sweat KS 118
JP: "I made the mistake of answering the Fluff line before the programme because these days you still tend to get an awful lot of people who think that Steve Wright kind of lives in this room and they get quite irate when you say, look he's not here, actually. He's probably at home watching television or asleep."


  • John Peel 19920208 - 128 kbps Part 1.mp3
  • John Peel 19920208 - 128 kbps Part 2.mp3
  • b) 1992-02-08 Peel Show L160a.mp3
  • d) 1992-02-08 Peel Show L160b.mp3
  • c) 1992-02-08 Peel Show L095.mp3
  • 1:43:32
  • 1:35:25
  • b) 44:03
  • d) 31:47
  • c) 38:53
  1. The record however, shows that Ipswich had beat Portsmouth at home that afternoon by the same score, not Blackburn.
  2. Liverpool had only managed a 0-0 away draw to Coventry City in their Division One tie that afternoon.
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