• 1979-01-08
  • Peel recommends the film Superman to his listeners.
  • Regarding the Festive Fifty, Peel advises, "I should forget about that for a couple of years, if I were you..."
  • The Shadows are a reggae band, not Cliff Richard's former backing band.
  • Mauro Pagani is PFM's violin player and almost all of the band performs on the track, hence the redirect.
  • Cover versions include a recent single of "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" by Joe Cocker. The original was Procol Harum's most famous track, first played on Radio London and one of the biggest hits of 1967. Peel also revisits Medicine Head's version of Robert Johnson's "Walkin' Blues", first recorded by the band on their 1970 Dandelion LP New Bottles, Old Medicine.
  • BH006 of the Hinton Box is a version of the show edited to highlight the session tracks and includes several not on the 400 Box version. Tracks marked with an §.
  • 105 minutes now available with the addition of the Derby Box show.
  • Show also documented at Tishbriz's John Peel Book at Flickr. Many thanks to Tishbriz for sharing the information. [1]



File a at start of show.

  • Damned, 'Melody Lee' (Peel Session) §
(JP: 'Rock'n'roll is here to stay. The Damned and that's the first from them tonight....a good rousing start to the programme.') §

File d begins during John's outro above, at 3:00 into show

(JP: [After stumbling over his words] 'Oh dear, what a night this is. Can we go back to 10 o'clock? If I was DLT I'd do one of those rewind things, and coupled with a couple of jokes about hairy cornflakes, and we'd be back to 10 o'clock.')
(JP: 'As long as you don't take my rare Damned single.') §
(JP: 'That's the best one today lads, I think.') §

File a ends

Fle d ends

  • Vermilion: Angry Young Women (7") Illegal
  • Damned: 'Looking At You' (Peel Session) §
  • XTC: Life Is Good In The Greenhouse (LP - Go 2) Virgin
  • Fingerprintz: 'Finger Prince' (Peel Session) §
(JP: 'Been a pretty fair start to the week, this programme.') §

File b


  • a) 1979-01-08 John Peel.mp3
  • b)
  • c) BH006 JP 1979-01-08 Side A
  • d) 1979-01-08 John Peel Radio 1 (incomplete) DB039+DB041.mp3
  • a) 01:21:50
  • b)
  • c) 00:31:11 (from 24:01 unique)
  • d) 01:35:00
  • a) File created from T058 & T060 of 400 Box. Incomplete show, only both sides of a single tape discovered so far. Side A ends after the Joe Cocker track, side B resumes with Peel's cinema recommendation.
  • b) Final track of this show turns up as first track on T060.
  • c) File created from BH006 of the Hinton Box. Many thanks to Brian and Colin.
  • d) Created from DB039 and DB041 of Derby Box, digitised by RF
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