• 1977-03-08
  • All that has so far turned up of this show is a short clip from the start, courtesy of the Radio Rewind website. Peel introduces 'White Riot,' receiving its first ever play on his show, and helpfully gives us clues as to the rest of the tracks. [1]



(BBC Announcer: 'And with the time coming up to 11 o'clock, a choice of listening now on Radios 1 & 2. For Radio 1 listeners on 247 metres and VHF, John Peel's your host, while on Radio 2, 1500 metres long wave and some BBC local radio stations on both VHF and medium wave, there's the news summary, followed by the Late Show with Sheila Tracey.')
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(JP: 'Well, welcome honeybunches to A Comedy Of Errors, Act 5, Shopping In The High Street. Our guests tonight, making a welcome return to our little programme, are the Pirates, whereas among the records, a selection by Television, Leo Kottke, Derek Bell, David Bowie, Delbert McClinton (who's represented twice), Eater, and there'll also be four tracks from one of my heroes who is shortly to return to the glamorous world of rock'a'business after several years of driving a truck in a thoroughly spiritual manner. First up though, the début single from the Clash.')
(JP: 'Isn't it shocking the way I refuse to grow old gracefully and keep playing these records by these new bands? Those are the Clash, and that's their début single, and it's called White Riot.')


  • Peel Show 1977-03-08 (clip)
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  • Many thanks to Radio Rewind. The original clip was running slightly fast: this has been corrected for the below download.
  1. Aside from the four session tracks ('Drinking Wine Spodeodee,' 'Let's Talk,' 'Talking About You,' and 'Cat Clothes'), the new Eater single was 'Outside View / You'; Leo Kottke had a double compilation album out called 'The Best'; David Bowie's LP 'Low' had been out less than two months; Delbert McClinton's then current LP was 'Love Rustler'; and Television's 'Marquee Moon' had been issued in February.
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