• 2000-03-08
  • Start of show: "The most unpleasant surprise seems to be that the clock in here is wrong and we're starting two and a half minutes early, but that gives us time to play more records. We're live from the Maida Vale studios with a rather attractive live audience and Luke Slater's going to be playing for us shortly. Here's a record you ought to recognise, I think, to start the programme."
  • We learn why Arthur K Adams' 'Wildwood Flower', which eventually turned up in John Peel's Record Box meant so much to him. JP had the 45 by the Dallas bluesman in his singles collection in the States and it was never sent on to him. Although it was the one record Peel most wanted to hear again, he failed to hunt down another copy for 35 years. The copy he plays here is one a friend of a friend has just sent him from the States. He seems pretty thrilled to hear the track again.
  • Tells the sender of an email from Stockton, California ("Limey Buster"), who asks why English DJs are so boring and wants more Santana, to "blow it out of your ass, needle-dick!"


  • Luke Slater, #2. Live from Maida Vale. No commercial release.


  • Undertones: 'Jimmy Jimmy (7")' (Sire)
  • Solex: Another Tune Like Not Fade Away (Rmx D O'Neill) (EP: Athens Georgia) Matador
  • Leopards: Electric Slim & The Factory Hen (Marc Bolan song) (CD: Bentboutique) Creeping Bent
  • Ray Keith: Zera (LP: Classified) Dread
  • Starlite Desperation: What I Want (CD: Go Kill Mice) Sweet Nothing
  • Fall: So Called Dangerous (LP: Code Selfish) Cog Sinister
  • Freaks: Repetition Is A Form Of Change (CD: The Beat Diaries) Music For Freaks
  • Freaks: Methods In Madness (CD: The Beat Diaries) Music For Freaks
  • Luke Slater: Live from Maida Vale (session)
  • Neko Case & Her Boyfriends: Twist The Knife (CD: Furnace Room Lullaby) Mint
  • Arthur K Adams: Wildwood Flower (7" single) Jetstar Records
  • ISAN: Dampen (single) Elefant
  • Kelis: I Want Your Love (CD: Kaleidoscope) Virgin
  • Pariah: The Night Time Driver (EP: The Night Time Driver) White label
  • Freddie McGregor: Know What You're Saying (single) Finatic Records
  • Hot Snakes: If Credit's What Matters I'll Take Credit (CD: Automatic Midnight) Swami
  • Surge: Falling Down (CD: Wreckage) Millenium
  • John Boxingo: Mhedma (LP: John Boxingo) Soweto
  • Ming & FS Meet J Rocc: Locus (12" sampler - Tektonics) Om Records
  • Sigur Ros: Danarfregnir Og Jaroarfarir (EP: Ni Batteri) Fat Cat
  • X Men: Swordfish (12" single) Swordfish East Side


  • a) John Peel - 2000-03-08 (FM) (DK recorded)
  • b) jp080300
  • a) 01:59:26
  • b) 01:58:55
  • a) Many thanks to David and Gary.
  • b) Many thanks to Max-dat.
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