• 1989-05-08
  • "And there will be an eight-programme series on the Colorado beetles coming up on Radio One FM in the autumn. All hail dearly beloved, tonight something, a bit of a first actually for the Wingding - a band from the Soviet Union, specifically Russia's Zvuki Mu in session. Plus a hatfull of topmost tunes on record, starting with this from Snuff…"
  • Ken Garner phones up during the show to tell Peel he has seen Zvuki Mu on the Renfrew Ferry on the Clyde. JP is envious, as when he saw the band in Moscow ("don't you wish you could drop things like that into your conversation") it had been in a theatre.
  • The Squirrels' single 'Oz On 45' was later found in John Peel's Record Box.


  • Zvuki Mu only session, recorded 23rd April 1989.


  • Snuff: Not Listening (7" EP) Workers Playtime PLAY 008 #
("And I make no apologies at all for playing this next record. The best record, the best song and certainly the best performance featured in the Eurovision Song Contest for years and years and years - and it only came second. I was outraged.")
(JP: "And as regular listeners will know, I'm a great admirer of the Eurovision Song Contest - genuinely so. I mean, I really look forward to it each year, because it does have a kind of innocence and charm to it and things which you don't often get these days, and also the record industry doesn't seem to be terrifically interested in it. And I said rather cynically over the past week that this was perhaps because it as impossible to kind of rig the results in any way, but that's probably not a very discrete thing to say. But at the same time, I was very disappointed that the results went the way they did. I really did think that Live Report should have won it… And I drove down to Lausanne for the event and there will be a report on it at 7.30 on Wednesday evening on Radio One that Mike Hawkes and myself have put together over the weekend.")[1]

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  • 1) 1989-05-08 Peel Show R017 R018.mp3
  • 2) Peel 1989-05-08(p)
  • 1) 0:43:01 (Edited version, better sound)
  • 2) 1:32:15 (Full version, muffled sound)
  1. A clip apparently from this show, which Peel says was called Douze Points, appears on John Peel Around The World.
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