• 1992-05-08
  • Peel mentions that Andy Kershaw had almost booked Culture in for a session recently, but "it all fell through."
  • Liverpool and Sunderland are to contest the FA Cup final the following day. Peel grumbles throughout the show about not having a ticket for the match.
  • Complete show available from the SL Tapes.


  • Action Swingers, one and only session. Recorded 1992-03-22.
  • Loudspeaker, repeat of one and only session. Recorded 1992-01-26 and first broadcast 22 February 1992.
  • (please add details of any commercial release)


  • 'File 1 starts on L208a
(JP: ‘Thank you Tommy, and hello funseekers.’)
(JP: ‘Certainly the biggest record in our house at the moment. How is it at yours?’)
(JP: (Sings) ‘"I'm not going to Wembley, da da da da". I mean, £250 for a ticket? Do me a favour! I'd like to be there, but really, that's ridiculous.’)
(tape flip to L207a)
(JP: ‘Of course as you know quite well there are going to be people who have got tickets for the match who are not interested in it at all, know nothing about football, don't know which team's which - and that's really annoying.’)
(JP: ‘I must admit that I was hoping that the switchboard would be jammed in the traditional manner with people phoning up to say, look, for all the years of pleasure that you've given us on the radio, we're going to give you our Cup final tickets so you can go to the match after all, Cinderella. But - nothing of the sort, I'm afraid. Ingrates.’)
(tape flip to L208b)
  • Lonnie Mack: Sa-Ba-Hoola (CD - Lonnie On The Move) Ace
(JP: ‘Why can't I do that? And why didn't somebody say to the orchestra, here's a dime each to go to the pictures?’)
(JP: ‘Here are Andy and I being terrifically amusing.’)
  • Trailer recorded with Andy Kershaw for the forthcoming joint show session from Abana Ba Nasary.
(JP: ‘Zany or what?’)
(JP: ‘Nice to hear the accordion reclaiming its rightful position in popular music.’)
(tape flip to L207b)
(JP: ‘Earl Bostic, from lots of different places but particularly in my case from the first 'jazz' 78 that I ever bought. I've probably told you a thousand times the story of taking it to the jazz club at my school. I was telling the Pig this afternoon at home and she's obviously heard the story like a hundred times but very patiently standing there listening to it, "yes. Ooh! Is that what happened? Well, well, well." I took it in there and I was really proud of myself because I thought, it's a great record and they're bound to like it. And I put it on and it was all these rather superior sixth formers who are now like Lords Lieutenants of counties and things like that and High Court judges and so on, and they just kind of sneered at it and as I was telling her this afternoon my eyes filled with hot tears once again remembering the humiliation of it all. I was about sixteen at the time’)
(tape flip to L252a)


  • 1) 1992-05-08 Peel Show.mp3
  • 2) Illustrious: Action Swingers
  • 1) 2:55:55
  • 2) 01:28:37 (from 43:32)
  1. A grindcore band from Croatia. Peel thinks that the name of the CD is Buka, but an internet search reveals that this is a likely split CD with another band of that name.
  2. A split single with Captain America, which both bands covering a track by the other. From a one-off 7" promoting a gig at the ULU on 9 May featuring the two bands plus Jacob's Mouse.
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