• 2003-05-08



  • The Earaches - 'Stimulate Our Minds' (LP - Fist Fights, Hot Love) (Steel Cage)
  • Outsidaz - 'No Need For Alarm 12"' (Hecttech)
  • The Keys - 'Strength Of Strings 7"' (White Label)
  • Duane Eddy - 'Peter Gunn' (LP - Especially For You/Girls! Girls! Girls!) (Bear Family Records
  • Laura Cantrell - 'Early Years' (Live At Peel Acres)
  • Ward 21/Bounty Killer - 'Badda Than That 7"' (Mentally Disturbed)
  • The Move - 'I Can Hear The Grass Grow' (LP - Acid Daze)
  • Mogwai - 'Moses? I Amn't (LP - Happy Songs For Happy People) (Rock Action)
  • Wevie Stonder - 'Kenkeneb 7"' (Skam)
  • John Duffey - 'Philadelphia Lawyer' (LP - Always In Style) (Sugar Hill)
  • Laura Cantrell - 'Rainboy' (Live At Peel Acres)
  • DJ SS - 'Those DJ's' (EP - S Files Part 01) (Formation)
  • Pink & Brown - 'Black Pearl' (LP - Shame Fantasy II) (Load)
  • The Hillmen - 'Barbara Allen' (LP - The Hillmen) (Rev-Ola)
  • JP (talking about how Chris Hillman moved from The Hillmen to the Byrds and mentioning a show he hosted with the Byrds in the 60s "They were the most obnoxious people I think I've ever met in the whole of my life. They really were...truly hateful". He then goes on to say that The Everley Brothers' album, Songs Our Daddy Taught Us is one of the saddest in his collection and that their version of Barbara Allen is well worth a listen to prove it.
  • Everly Brothers - 'Barbara Allen' (LP - Songs Our Daddy Taught Us) (Ace)
  • JP: "One day I'll play you a song from that album called I'm Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail, but you'd have to put up with me crying all the way through it."
  • Sender-Berlin - 'Peel At Home' (LP - Headquarters_Berlin) (Tresor)
  • Laura Cantrell - 'Wait' (Live At Peel Acres)
  • The Neutrinos - 'Murder' (EP - Murder) (UK2)
  • Half Man Half Biscuit - 'See That My Bike's Kept Clean' (LP - Voyage To The Bottom Of The Road) (Probe Plus)
  • Sizzla - 'These Are The Days 7" (Blaxxx)
  • Persil - 'Mum 7" (Transformed Dreams)
  • Lady Fuzz - 'Urban Fuck Up' (EP - Rocks Us!) (Aluminum)
  • Ronnie Ronalde - 'If I Were A Blackbird' (LP - EMI Presents The Magic Of Ronnie Ronalde) (EMI)
  • Laura Cantrell - 'Indoor Fire Works' (Live At Peel Acres)
  • Laura Cantrell - 'Lee Harvey Was A Friend Of Mine' (Live At Peel Acres)
  • Charlottefield - 'Paper Dart' (EP - The Twominutemen 2) (Jonson Family)
  • CLSM - 'Re-Arrange Beats 12"' (CLSM)
  • The Blueskins - 'User Friendly' (CD single) (Domino)
  • Quaker - 'Is This Meant To Be A Turnaround?' (LP - We Are) (UnGleich)


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