• 1978-11-08
  • Full tracklisting below is courtesy of the John Peel Papers. Many thanks to the uploader to the John Peel Papers at Facebook for sharing the information. [1]
  • Tracks not on previously shared audio marked ¶.
  • After the first Crisis session track, Peel comments, "Well I must say that of all the contemporary varieties of rock music, it's this basic and direct variety that I like the best myself."
  • The Siouxsie & The Banshees track is played from an increasingly crackly acetate of the as-yet unreleased "Scream" LP.
  • Peel plays the final three tracks from the latest Captain Beefheart LP ('Bat Chain Puller'), having played the first three from side b the previous evening. Also three more from the new Pere Ubu LP.


  • Crisis: first airing of their one and only session, recorded exactly 7 days before broadcast, on 1978-11-01.
  • Roy Hill Band: repeat of their debut session, originally aired on 1978-06-27.


  • File a
  • Rezillos: Destination Venus (7”) Sire (recording begins halfway through song)
JP: "When I first heard this next piece, I thought, oh no! Not a confounded disco record! But then I was told a day or so later that it's actually a hip and satirical disco record, so did one of my celebrated about-turns and here it is."
JP: "Nothing in the lyrics of this next song makes it clear whether it's a drag racing song or an attack on family planning."
JP: "Ah, that's my kind of band. At which words of course, Yes scrap scrap all their plans for their next LP."


  • File a: 1978-11-08 John Peel.mp3
  • File b: 1978-11-08 Tape 427.mp3
  • a: 01:06:45
  • b: 0:34:06
  • File a created from T053 & T054 of 400 Box, digitised by Dr_Mango.
  • File b created from T427 of 400 Box.
  • Shared audio covers most of the show, other than parts of the first and last track along with three full tracks and part of another due to the tape flip.
  • Recording is quite distorted in places and suffers from signal drift; possibly sourced from medium wave broadcast rather than FM.
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