• John Peel Show
  • BBC Radio One
  • 2001-11-08
  • Start of show: "Well, hello there. Tonight from Peel Acres, the White Stripes, cheap champagne and cake."
  • The last programme of Anita the producer – “so tears will be spilled, and champagne will be spilled as well almost certainly before the night is over.”
  • Peel promises to include some of his favorite records. Several later turned up in John Peel's Record Box.
  • After the White Stripes first few songs, Peels asks if the band want to take a break or carry on. Jack White: "We can stop for now, Mr Peel." JP: "Dr Peel, if you don’t mind."
  • The band are going to be playing Liverpool for the first time. JP: "Finest place, of course. I say that as a man that doesn’t live there, you know, so it’s easy for me to say that sort of thing. But there are an awful lot of people who love Liverpool who don’t live there, and I am but one of them."



(JP: What a great record, from 1998, and it’s called “Richer Than Cory,” although the original was called Richard Cory, I think, and done by Them with Van Morrison.)
(JP: Last time the White Stripes were on the programme I was discussing with them after the programme Stanley Winston’s “No More Ghettos In America,” which they had never heard. They have now, because I played it to them earlier on this evening, but here it is again. And amazing that this is the only record as far as I know that Stanley ever made – and nobody knows a thing about him.)
  1. Lord Send Me An Angel (Blind Willie McTell cover)
  2. Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground
  3. I Think I Smell A Rat
(JP: That’s from Jetstar Records of Dallas, Texas, another one from the 60s.)
  1. Goin’ Back To Memphis (Henry & June cover)
  2. Little Room
  3. The Union Forever
  4. The Same Boy You've Always Known
  5. Look Me Over Closely (Marlene Deitrich cover)
(JP: This next a football song, because we have not had one in the course of the programme so far … And whenever the John Peel Roadshow goes out, about once every couple of years, this record is always included in its set.)
(JP: And there’s a bit of a presentation occurring here – no thought at all for the fact that I’m trying to do a radio programme here. A farewell to Anita the producer. Oh my lord! And an extravagant chocolate-covered cake, with a load of éclairs on and things, because Anita obviously rather keen on cake.)
  1. Looking At You (MC5 cover)
  2. St James Infirmary Blues
  3. Apple Blossom
  4. Do – (ends midsong due to technical problems)
  1. Rated X (Loretta Lynn cover)
  2. Jumble, Jumble
  3. Little People


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